Man lay dead or dying for nearly half an hour in Ron DeSantis's offices

Peter Antonacci, the man Ron DeSantis hired to oversee his "election fraud unit," suffered a heart attack after a "contentious" meeting in the governor's office and lay there 24 minutes before anyone came to help him. He didn't make it.

According to public records sourced by Florida Bulldog, Antonacci was filmed by security cameras dying in the governor's office in the Florida State Capitol Building for nearly half an hour before he was noticed by staff.

Antonacci, suffered a fatal heart attack in September 2022, three months after DeSantis appointed him as director of the Office of Election Crimes and Security. He had previously served as chief judge of the state Division of Administrative Hearings under DeSantis, having worked as an elections supervisor and state attorney for former governor Rick Scott.

Antonacci suffered from heart disease. The reports, uncovered by Florida Bulldog, are "heavily redacted," but Ron and his wife were deeply saddened.

A Florida medical examiner that the Florida Bulldog did not identify said it was unusual that no autopsy was performed.