New leader of "unsalvageable" Project Veritas quits, citing "strong evidence" of past illegality

Hannah Giles replaced James O'Keefe as boss of Project Veritas—the conservative group famed for its manipulated recordings of liberals, media personnel and government workers—after it fired him for misusing its funds on vanity projects and abusing staff. But she is already stepping down, citing illegal goings-on.

"I am stepping down from all roles with Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action — effective immediately," Giles wrote on Twitter. "Though I had high hopes when I joined the organizations, I stepped into an unsalvageable mess — one wrought with strong evidence of past illegality and past financial improprieties. Once such evidence was discovered, I brought the information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Thank you."

O' Keefe is already under investigation for such things as Giles might have encountered during her brief tenure at the top, if not during some 13 years of prior work with Project Veritas. He is yet to face related charges, but already has a criminal history, having been sentenced to three years' probation for breaking into Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu's offices in 2010 in search of dirt.