Fanny DeVito, the Danny DeVito Fanny Pack

Fanny pack + Danny DeVito = Fanny DeVito, of course!

This caught my eye because I recently discovered my 15-year-old daughter is aware of Danny DeVito through memes, much like she is of Nic Cage and Jeff Goldblum. I guess what I'm saying is that teens are amused by Mr. DeVito and that's probably why this fanny pack now exists.

I suspect this is NOT an officially sanctioned product (boo!) but I can't help sharing it anyway. Pre-orders are now being taken at The Cryptic Closet ($34.99). Read the rest

R2-D2 popcorn maker

It's a little corny but William-Sonoma's R2-D2 Popcorn Maker will probably appeal to most fans of POP culture, even at its $100 price tag. Something fun: Its head doubles as a serving bowl. Read the rest