Lauren Boebert switches to redder district as reelection hopes fade in her current one

Facing defeat in Colorado by a Democrat she only beat by a few votes last time round, congresswoman Lauren Boebert is switching to a more reliably Republican district in hopes of keeping a job after the next election.

Though representatives can live anywhere in the state, not just their districts, Boebert says she plans to reside in Colorado's 4th, where she faces a busy primary before getting the benefit of its +22 GOP voter base. Even in such a safe seat, the fact she looks likely to lose in her current +9 GOP constituency will be cause for concern among conservative voters there.

Boebert is a character: she has a rap sheet, a sex offender husband, an ongoing divorce from same, a son with a pregnant teenage girlfriend, and most recently, a film of her in a family theater fondling her date's genitals. Even among conservatives inured to depravity through their love of Trump, it's a lot to swallow.