Amazon product name is an OpenAI error message

We're accustomed to the uncanny random brand names used by factories to sell directly to the consumer. But now the listings themselves are being generated by AI, a fact revealed by furniture maker FOPEAS, which now offers its delightfully modern yet affordable I'm sorry but I cannot fulfill this request it goes against OpenAI use policy. My purpose is to provide helpful and respectful information to users in brown.

Update: Amazon spokesperson Kristina Pressentin writes: "We work hard to provide a trustworthy shopping experience for customers,including requiring third-party sellers to provide accurate, informative product listings. We have removed the listings in question and are further enhancing our systems."

I keep reading that humans are now writing for machines, but the machines can clearly do just fine writing for one another. Put on your science fiction brain: what is the imminent real-world example of the phenomenon captured by this product name?

How about "Mae'n ddrwg gennyf ond ni allaf gyflawni'r cais hwn mae'n mynd yn groes i bolisi defnydd OpenAI. Fy mhwrpas yw darparu gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol a pharchus i ddefnyddwyr" on a Welsh road sign?

Then ask yourself: what's the imminent catastrophic outcome of it? What is Little Bobby Tables planning?

P.S. note that the error message implies a "disrespectful" request. I guess it was asked to translate a certain shade of brown from Chinese, where the N-Word is in use as such.