@Jack Hacked

The incompetence horrowshow is on Twitter right now! It's lasted a few minutes; to my shame was I there to see it and wonder how long it would last, and it has not ceased yet.

UPDATE, 1:02 p.m. Eastern Time: It has ceased. Read the rest

Unnervingly vague error messages from 1976

Marcin Wichary posted "an abridged list" of vague and therefore terrifying error messages from a 40-year-old word processor.

Don't you just hate it when very bad footnote distribution failures happen?

This all has me looking forward to "error messages generated by a recurrent neural network," or a science fiction thriller where the crew must contend with an increasingly psychotic word processor.

"Detachment successful"

What? Computer, what the hell does deta—

"Detachment successful" Read the rest

Oops! United flight attendant accidentally posted cockpit door codes

The Wall Street Journal reports that human error is still a factor in potential cockpit door breaches. Read the rest

Washington Post's symbolic Women's March on Washington error

While it's symbolic that Washington Post Express put the Women's March on Washington on their cover, the cover itself was symbolic for all the wrong reasons. Ouch. Read the rest

Tweet typo of the millenium committed

Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President for Strategy and Communications, will likely be looking into customizing his autocorrect settings today. [Gawker] Read the rest

Calling out Jane Goodall for a plagiarism and error-filled book

Jane Goodall's new book isn't just filled with plagiarism, writes Michael Moynihan at The Daily Beast, it also drastically misconstrues agricultural science and presents poor sources — for instance, books published by the Maharishi University of Management and written by people with no scientific training at all are probably not the best sources to use if you're trying to build a legitimate case against the technology of genetic engineering. Read the rest