"Day For Decision" is a 1966 right-wing protest song that MAGA cultists would love

In 1966, country music performer Johnny Sea (also known as Seay) released "Day For Decision," a sentimental spoken-word single. Spoken with patriotic fervor, it highlights Sea's concern about the weakening of traditional American values and ideals, about America's national identity and the state of its society. Nostalgic for a time when Christian nationalists called the shots, "Day For Decision" sounds remarkably like something a MAGA cultist of today would complain about at a Trump town hall meeting.

The 58-year-old song begins with a warning about national deterioration, "The other day I heard someone say, 'You know, America is in real trouble.' It's true. Old Glory has never fallen so close to the earth."

Sea criticizes the decline in American national pride and respect for traditional values and symbols: "We stare at our shoelaces when they play the national anthem… Patriotism has been condemned."

Sea longs for the good old days when Americans embodied what he considers true American values: "Old fashioned love of God, country, and family is passe." And like Trump and his MAGA cultists, Sea thinks America's greatest threats are internal, not external: "The real trouble lies in the playgrounds of St. Louis, the hillside mansions of San Francisco, and in the slums of Chicago."

Towards the end, Sea remarks, "Democracy is a frail and fragile instrument. Made of hope, prayer, and Yankee ingenuity. It is held together by a fourth-of-July flag-waving patriotism. And we've almost exhausted our supply of it."

The sobbing MAGA woman in this video who says. "I don't even see our American flag anymore!," is basically saying everything Johnny Sea said in 1966, but she's more entertaining.