Gamon Jay Leacock, 49, accused of sexually assaulting two women, says he would like to not be all over the news

Gamon Jay Leacock, 49, of Halifax in Canada, was charged with aggravated sexual assault, unlawful confinement, robbery, and breaking and entering in two separate incidents earlier this week there. After his first court appearance Friday, he said he would like to not be in the news.

Just before the home invasion, police also investigated a carjacking incident that they allege involved the same suspect. A woman was threatened, assaulted and robbed after picking the suspect up. The alleged incidents happened days after Leacock was released from custody on unrelated charges, and months after he was relocated to Halifax after serving a 14-year prison sentence for sexual assault with a weapon and other crimes.

He requested legal anonymity after his alleged victims were awarded it for the duration of the case — "My face is all over the news, right? How am I ever going to get a fair trial?" — but Judge Ann Marie Simmons explained to him that the law provides it only for alleged victims, and that while she understood his concerns, he could discuss them with a lawyer, just as soon as he gets one.

Gamon Jay Leacock sexually assaulted a woman at a home in Montreal during a 2009 attack which reportedly lasted hours and served a 14-year prison sentence for it and the break-in. As recently as 2021, parole officials considered him too dangerous to release due to being found in possession of a shank in prison, threatening guards and "behaving aggressively toward female staff."

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