MAGA attacks 'traitor' Amy Coney Barrett for voting against razor wire: 'What a disgrace'

In MAGAland, when the U.S. King ramrods three extreme-right justices into the Supreme Court, said justices better stick to MAGA practices. And when they don't, beware — the MAGA mob will come after them. Which is what Donald Trump's henchfolk are doing to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the Trump-picked extremist who voted yesterday along with Democrats (and Chief Justice John Roberts) to rip down Gov. Greg Abbott's ghastly razor wire at the Texas border.

"Amy Coney Barrett sold us out. So much for states rights," Texas radio host Kenny Webster complained on X, as reported by Raw Story.

"The next busload of illegals Greg Abbott sends north should go right to Amy Coney Barrett's front door," said Gerry Callahan, another angry radio host on X, this one based in Boston. "The one after that too. What a disgrace."

Some Trumpers are blaming Barrett's decision, which was part of the 5-4 vote yesterday, on the fact that she's a woman and a mom.

"Told you. Laws can't compare to a female judge's feelings. It's illegal to enforce immigration law because borders make Amy Coney Barrett feel sad," self-described nationalist James Kirkpatrick said on X, while Xitter Aristophanes griped, "Once again Amy Coney Barrett was a huge mistake and we all kinda knew this when we saw she had two adopted foreign children."

No matter that Barrett is "the product of a Christian legal movement" who has consistently toed the MAGA party line, including her vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. In yesterday's ruling, she showed disloyalty to Dictator Trump by voting with the "others" to remove dangerous razor wire — not to be confused with Abbott's barbaric chainsaw buoys — along the southern border, and for that she must now pay the consequences.

From Raw Story:

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has sent some Donald Trump supporters into a frothing rage this week. …

But this week, she joined Chief Justice John Roberts and the three liberal justices to temporarily allow the Border Patrol to clear away miles of razor wire installed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in defiance of federal law, to obstruct migrants trying to cross the southern border. CBP officials had warned the wire blockade was preventing them from doing their jobs.

But this ruling enraged the MAGA faithful, who took the Texas governor's side on the issue in posts on the social media site "X." Many lobbed personal attacks and ill-wishes at the justice, and some even suggested she was a traitor or aiding an "invasion" against the country.

"In a shocking ruling today, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that @JoeBiden can tear down Texas barbed wire barriers installed by the Texas National Guard. Justices Roberts and Barrett sided with the Democrats," wrote far-right activist Laura Loomer. "Not good! We are losing our country! STOP THE INVASION!"

"This is all you need to know about today's Supreme Court decision," wrote disgraced former CBS reporter turned QAnon promoter Lara Logan, linking to another post alleging the Supreme Court's ruling violates the Constitutional requirement to protect states "against Invasion." "What do they have on Barrett and Roberts? The constitution is clear."