Cute Dachshund perks up and barks in the car once his "grandma radar" is activated (video)

An adorable Dachshund sits attentively in the passenger seat of the car, looking fairly calm but alert as his human drives him through town.

But after they pass under a bridge, the pup begins to whine. And then his whining turns into full-on barking. No, the near frantic wiener dog is not upset — it's just that as they get closer to their destination, his "grandma radar" has been activated.

"The closer I get, the louder I cheer!" says his TikTok video (see below, posted by normanthewienerdog). No need for a grandma GPS when you've got this pooch in tow!

But Norman isn't the only granny-loving dog in town. Check out this hilarious golden retriever who sides with Grandma every single time.

Via ParadePets