Probability of second Trump presidency drops sharply as McDonald's announces quadruple-patty double Big Mac

Behold the Double Big Mac, available from a McDonald's near you and only until the deep state's objective is met. The post-Supersize Me era of restraint is over: plug those arteries!

The Double Big Mac, according to the McDonald's mobile app, has 780 calories with 48 grams of fat—and that, of course, doesn't include the half-gallon of coke you'll wash it down with or the fries.

Axios found the Double Big Mac was $6.99 at an Atlanta restaurant ($10.99 as a meal), $7.09 at a Miami location ($10.59 for a meal) and $7.99 at a Manhattan location ($12.39 for a meal).

Ben Cost, at the New York Post, reviewed it. It's a big Big Mac.

Adding two extra patties lends the Mac the perfect meat-to-carb ratio, making it more on par with a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. However, with 780 calories compared to a regular Mac's 563, it likely also obstructs the arteries twice as fast. The only other downside is that the one cheese square — the same portion as the regular Big Mac — is perhaps not enough to balance out the extra beef.

Good call not to double the mezzanine bun.

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