Watch Moon Beam and Pickle, two adorable chickens, loving a children's book read-aloud

I'm amazed at how much these chickens, Moon Beam and Pickle, enjoy being read to. Here's a sweet video of the pair engaging with a read-aloud of Allia Nolan's book "The Secret Fairy Garden." It's just so cool to see how alert and aware they are. They are clearly curious about the colors and the paper pop-up on the page, and seem to be listening to the story!

Moon Beam and Pickle lived at Tender Loving Coops, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary in Las Vegas that, since 2014, has provided shelter rescue for a variety of animals including chickens, ducks, peafowl, quail, dogs, cats, and desert tortoises. Humans Wendy and Starr run the sanctuary and describe its mission on their website:

Tender Loving Coops' main mission is to go above and beyond basic care providing extra TLC for the animals in our care. We have dedicated our lives since 2014 to provide a safe, loving home for unwanted, neglected and special needs animals. We envision a world where compassion supersedes exploitation as all animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. We've made it our mission to educate others that just because an animal has a disability does not mean they cannot live a meaningful and inspiring life. Every life deserves a chance and at Tender Loving Coops, we give them that chance. 

To learn more about the sanctuary, visit their Facebook.

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