New Age conspiracy theorist praises Putin and Tucker Carlson's charge against the Satanic Cabal

Conspirituality Podcast posted an Instagram reel today featuring a short clip of Sacha Stone praising Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin. In the clip, Stone, who DBpedia describes as a "British New Age influencer and conspiracy theory promoter," is speaking at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles earlier this week. DBpedia also states that Sacha Stone is "best known for marketing 5GBioShield, a fraudulent anti-radiation protection device. He is also known for founding The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, The New Earth Project and the New Earth Festival which he hosts at his private resort, Akasha New Earth Haven, in Ubud, Bali."

Before diving into the clip, here's a little more context about Sacha Stone and why he'd be interested in Tucker Carlson and friends. This 2022 article about how wellness practitioners have used social media to promote conspiracy theories and far-right extremism, written by Stephanie Alice Baker, sociology professor at City University, and published in the European Journal of Cultural Studies, describes Sacha Stone's self-branding as including "sovereign expression, self-actualisation, and zero-point consciousness," and his alt-health content consisting of "anti-mask, anti-vaccine, and anti-5G." She goes on:

Stone's personal website describes him as 'an outspoken advocate of human rights and natural justice'. He has founded many organisations, most of which explicitly align themselves with justice, including Humanitad, New Earth Project and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ); which launched Judicial Commissions of Inquiry into 'Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse' and into the 'Weaponisation of the Biosphere'. By self-branding as an advocate for environmental and criminal justice, Stone is able to attract followers driven to protect innocent children and the environment. 

Conspirituality Podcast provides their commentary on the clip:

"I love Putin," said Sacha Stone at the Conscious Life Expo on Monday. 

In a talk that claimed UFOs used pyramids as charging stations and that ancient temples were built with alien spiritual laser technology, he framed Putin as the leader of the opposition to the Satanic cabal, and Tucker Carlson as an heroic truth-telling journalist.

Sharing today as we grieve the unjust death of Alexei Navalny, who opposed Putin politically and was poisoned and then jailed for his efforts. He had been moved to a brutal work camp close to the arctic circle when he collapsed at age 47.

I found a description of the Conscious Life Expo roundtable, which featured Stone, along with panelist Bishop Larry Gaiters (who believes Joe Biden participates in Satanic sacrifices), Reinette Senum (Nevada politician who believes in mass shooting crisis actors, chemtrails, mobile phone electromagnetic fields, and global poisoning conspiracies), Jane Evershed (New Age artist), G Money (described on the Conscious Life Expo website as "the highly respected crypto expert and self-custody advisor"), and Bianca Ruehlig (described on the Conscious Life Expo website as the creator of "CymaTones, a digital solution for frequency tuning, and Water Whirl, an inventive device for structuring and imprinting drinking water"). The panel was titled "Rabbit Hole Roundtable" and is described like this on the conference website:

Join us in a "Down The Rabbit Hole" discussion with visionary minds on the forefront, as they decode the entire fabric of reality from a quantum perspective. From the subterranean agendas behind false history, engineered religions, scarcity economics, the poisoning of our resources, the registration and subjugation of people from birth till death, technology, frequency and AI, we will journey through the ABC's of redemption and salvation! Drawing inspiration from the metaphorical rabbit hole, we will navigate both conventional and unconventional pathways toward transmuting these agendas through conscious remedies, peaceful deconstruction and ReGenesis!! Standby for a mind-blowing journey through the white-hot flame of pure truth. No holds barred! This discourse will be a fusion of diverse perspectives, ethical frameworks, and a dynamic container for bold ideas and forward-thinking initiatives. As we weave through the labyrinth of challenges we are facing, we will invoke the emergence of a shared vision designed to take back our eternal power as we embody, enact and manifest a true heaven on earth. Bring your questions and your ideas!

I transcribed the clip of Sacha Stone speaking, and here's what he says:

[Pointing to an image of Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin]: This here is the assault against the Sabbateans. The fact that the most powerful man on the face of the earth, bar none, who is Vladimir Putin. We know that, because his frequency [unintelligible] technologies close down U.S. warships, end of game, baby. So that is the most powerful man on the face of the earth. Love him or hate him, I don't care which. I happen to love him.

Tucker Carlson, love or hate him. I don't know Tucker, I had a delightful Facetime conversation with him a few months ago. Don't know the man. But certainly regard him as a hero of our time. And yes there's Elon Musk in the wings with a lot of wonga, and there's Donald Trump and there's others. But the point being, that a guy, kind of grad boy anchorman, who just happens to actually really dig truth and honesty inquiry in journalism, has been propelled through the gestalt, through the zeitgeist, because we are the ones willing this to manifest. And we are also willing the man that they would paint as the devil, Vladimir Putin. We want to hear his rationale, and boy does he have a good rationale.

To help make sense of some of this conspiracy language, I turned to a 2021 article by writer, historian, and philosopher Jules Evans, of the Center for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary University in London. It's a terrific deep-dive into Sacha Stone's beliefs, which Evans describes as "dangerous." The entire piece is great—you should really read the whole thing if you want to learn more about Stone. Here's an excerpt explaining the conspiracy of the "Sabbateans":

His main message is a version of the blood-libel conspiracy theory, a 2000-year-old lie which has been used by far-right groups for over a century, and which he promotes working in concord with figures (active or de-activated) from various intelligence agencies. He uses this conspiracy theory to undermine belief in liberal democracy, while championing authoritarian strong-men like Trump and Putin as messiah-figures who will liberate humanity from its enslavement by demon-infested 'Sabbateans'.

Sacha has told me he will sue me for defamation if I 'overstep the line', and I have no desire to be sued. Nor do I have any desire to attack someone's beliefs, particularly a friend of friends, or to spend two weeks immersed in the world of online conspiracy culture. But this is important. I believe conspiracy culture is a serious threat to western democracy, and also a blight on my religion — western spirituality. They are worth fighting for.

If you listen to the hours and hours and hours of interviews that Sacha gives from his luxurious living rooms in Bali and London, as I have this last fortnight, his message is very clear.

Humanity is ruled by a hidden elite of 'invisible masters.' They're members of a cult which he variously calls the Illuminati, the Babylonian blood-cult, the Luciferians, and especially the Sabbateans. These are all the same secret organisation. It is thousands of years old, and it is a demon-worshipping, demon-infested cult of 'subhumans'. This secret elite enslaves, exploits, abuses and harvests the energy of the rest of humanity, including kidnapping and ritually murdering around 8 million children a year (this last figure comes from the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, an organisation founded by Stone).

Sadly, Stone's dangerous conspiracy theories are par for the course at the Conscious Life Expo. I wrote a piece a year ago about the Expo, where, according to Glossy, the products and experiences on sale—"aura photography, astrology and tarot card readings, chakra alignment, shamans, crystals, plant-based skin care, vegan smoothies, and guided meditation"—are a "gateway to far-right consciousness." Seems like this gateway from spiritual to conspiritual is still open wide.

As a final thought, I assume it will surprise nobody that Sacha Stone is also a big fan of RFK, Jr. They've also appeared together on "health freedom" (read anti-vaccine, anti-science, pro-conspiracy theory) panels, where they spread dangerous vaccine and COVID-19 disinformation.

Watch the reel on Instagram.