Clarence Thomas to decide if Trump has immunity for the coup attempt his own wife planned

Greedy Clarence Thomas is the most corrupt Supreme Court Justice in history. And now he gets to rule on whether Trump has immunity from prosecution for attempting to take over the U.S. government and install himself as an illegitimate leader.

The fact that Thomas' wife, Ginni, was one of the orchestrators of the narrowly avoided coup means Thomas should recuse himself. But in MAGA land, conflicts of interest are sacred, and there's no doubt Thomas will refuse to recuse himself.

The Lincoln Project's latest video reveals that Justice Thomas was the sole member of the Supreme Court willing to side with Trump and his allies, and sought to obscure their actions surrounding the insurrection. The video starkly notes, "None of this would be known if Justice Thomas had gotten his way."

From the video:

Justice Clarence Thomas is compromised. On January 19, 2022, Thomas was the only Supreme Court justice willing to help Trump and his allies hide from justice over the January 6th insurrection. Thomas did not hide that he was willing to grant Trump's request for secrecy, but it wasn't just to protect Trump and his conspirators.

It was to protect his wife, Ginni Thomas. A radical right-wing activist, Ginni Thomas has openly applauded rebellion in the past.

[Ginni Thomas:] "I think people are rebelling and there's a big tidal wave coming. I think the Democrats are pretty worried about what's coming."

And the lead up to January 6th was no different. Ginni Thomas used her direct line to Trump's White House to push for the overturning of a free and fair election, even attending the rally that would ultimately end in an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

None of this would be known if Justice Thomas had gotten his way. The January 6th Commission can't do their job if one of the most powerful men in the country is using his seat to protect his best friend.

Clarence Thomas must recuse himself because he took an oath to protect the Constitution, not his wife.

The case before the court now is not just about the legal technicalities of presidential immunity, but also about the integrity of the Supreme Court itself.

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