Fox hosts uncomfortably freeze up as toxic Trump rants about immigrants (video)

Donald Trump's hateful rant against immigrants became too toxic even for his sycophantic hosts at Fox News, whose frozen expressions said it all.

"They're coming in from jails and prisons and mental institutions, insane asylums. They're terrorists. I mean, you have terrorists pouring in at a level we have not seen," the fascist MAGA leader said about people crossing the border. Trump then turned it up a notch, repeating his oft-stated Nazi rhetoric: "They're poisoning our country. … We're going to close up the border … and get 'em out…"

Meanwhile, clearly uncomfortable hosts Lawrence Jones and Brian Kilmeade sat in unhappy silence, stone-faced, as if they had been zapped by a raygun. At one point, Kilmeade, who was tightly gripping his wrist, quickly glanced over at Jones, hoping for some sort of lifebuoy. But nah, he realized, Jones was stuck on the same sinking boat. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)