These cute cows are happy — and they show it the same way cats and dogs do (video)

If a cow is content, it's obvious —in the same way it's obvious when cats and dogs are happy.

In fact, as the folks at The Gentle Barn — an animal sanctuary in California, Tennessee, and Missouri —demonstrate in their sweet video below, happy cows act remarkably similar to their canine and feline friends when they're in a good mood. Just look for these five signs (the last being quite surprising for anyone not that familiar with farm animals, like me):

1. They roll onto their backs, hoping for a good belly rub;

2. They get physical with cuddles and licks;

3. They chew — not on a bone or catnip, but on cud, which "means they feel safe;"

4. They break out into zoomies.

5. And last but not least, "when they're extremely relaxed and content," they purr. As in a long, loud, joyous purr that will put any cat to shame.


The last one always surprises people! ❤️ Here are 5 signs we look for to make sure the rescued cows at our animal sanctuaries are happy, healthy & fulfilled #happycows #rescuecows #farmanimalsanctuary

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