"My heart is broken" — Disgraced Sen. Katie Britt begs MAGA suckers for cash after becoming global laughing stock

The first thing a MAGA leader does when they get in trouble is to ask their cult-like base to pull out their wallets. Today, it is Alabama Senator Katie Britt's turn. After her disastrous State of the Union response, where she delivered a melodramatic string of bullshit in her best Fundy Baby voice, while sitting in her kitchen in front of her $8000 refrigerator freezer, Britt now wants MAGA followers, many of whom are likely struggling to pay for refrigerators that cost a fraction of that amount, to contribute their money to her cause.

In her plea for cash, Britt stated, "Following my speech, the left-wing media didn't waste a second flooding the airwaves with despicable, disgusting messages about me," Britt said in her winceworthy, self-pitying pitch for cash. "They attacked my character. They attacked my faith. They attacked my identity as a mother and a wife."

She continued, "My heart is broken," she continued. "Not just for myself, but for my children, your children and the ENTIRE next generation of Americans. Why? Because I didn't prepare a 20-minute speech and stand up to Biden in front of millions of Americans for ME. I did it for them, for YOU and your children, Friend!"

According to a report by Raw Story, Britt employed one of Donald Trump's tactics to convince her base that by emptying their bank accounts for her, they are somehow safeguarding their own interests.

"Friend, they're not just laughing at me," reads her fundraising pitch. "They're laughing at every single American who dares to stand up to their radical agenda. Every patriot who fights to defend their American dream. Because they can't handle the truth. The truth about their failed leader."

While Britt's scheme may resonate with the MAGA community, which is increasingly resembling the Republic of Gilead from The Handmaid's Tale, in the real world, we know exactly who she is.