Generative Shan Shui landscape paintings

{Shan, Shui}* is art-generating code that produces traditional Chinese landscape paintings. It's running here and here and each time you load the page, you'll get a new landscape.

{Shan, Shui}* is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape scrolls (such as this and this) and uses noises and mathematical functions to model the mountains and trees from scratch. It is written entirely in javascript and outputs Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

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Make your own British government Covid slogan sign

A couple of days ago, I posted a Covid slogan maker that spat out bizarre warnings in the distinctive hazard-sign style favored by the British government. Now you can write your own text in with a more feature-packed UK Covid Slogan Generator, created by Ron MacDonald.

There are also “Boris” and “Conspiracy Nut” modes on it. ... No advertising / rubbish / cookies etc and it’s also on GitHub (, pull requests welcome.

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UK government Covid-19 slogan generator

Olaf Falafel made a Covid-19 slogan generator in the distinctive hazard-sign style used by the British Government. It's embedded in the tweet as a clever video, just click to start and stop.

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Penguin Classics cover generator

Nicholas Love's Penguin Classics cover generator lets you upload an image and set type in humorous imitation of the label. It can also do the similar but inverted Oxford World Classics look. But sadly not the classic classics look.

Many excellent designs in this twitter thread; embedded here is my contribution. Read the rest

Wash Your Hands poster generator

William Gibson, a 17-year-old dev from the U.K., created an online generator that produces the NHS's guide to washing your hands properly, but with song lyrics. Some of the more amusing mashups have gone viral on social media: one form of virus helping to fight another.

The one above, though, is a hand-made cut from the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

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Halloween avatar generator

If you're looking to refresh your social media avatars for Halloween, use this generator by Olivia Haines to create ghosts, vampires, witches and more.  I went with bloody mummy:

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Lacroix flavor generator is a Glitch app that generates delicious new flavors of calorie-free sparkling water—or perhaps just honest names for the ones there already are. Read the rest

Kamala Harris policy generator

Today Democratic Party presidential candidate Kamala Harris announced her version of Medicare for All, but over the weekend, she perked ears by issuing an oddly-specific policy proposal on Twitter:

student loan debt forgiveness program for Pell Grant recipients who start a business that operates for three years in disadvantaged communities.

Mockery of such thin-sliced bet-hedging came quickly—with about 7m Pell Grant Recipients and an approximately 8% total entrepreneurship rate with an approximately 60% failure rate within three years and then throw "disadvantaged communities" into the mix, it's ... not a great many people, especially compared to Bernie's promise of "everyone."

Enter The Neoliberal Project with the Oddly specific Kamala Harris policy generator, pefectly capturing her angel-dancing-on-a-pinhead blend of moderate wokeness that tries to appeal to everyone but ends up, well, you know.

Yesterday, I announced that, as president, I'll establish a basic income program for federal prosecutors who open a toy store that operates for 15 days in Silicon Valley.

Yesterday, I announced that, as president, I'll establish a school prayer program for single fathers who open a market that operates for 7 years in California.

Yesterday, I announced that, as president, I'll establish a net neutrality program for non-union members who open a drugstore that operates for 16 weeks in a food festival.

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Portmanteau generator

The Portmanteau and Rhyme Generator accepts two input words and produces weird coinages that are often surprisingly funny. "Rhino" and "Hospital", for example, produces "Boarphanage" and "hotelephant" among other things.

I tried "chaste caravaggio" and got "Vermeerotic". "Moist carpet" yielded "flavorniture". "Lube barrel" turned into "bluebrication". Magic. Read the rest

Death Generator: classic video game scenes with custom text

Foone Turing's Death Generator lets you create customizable "death" scenes from dozens of computer games. Foone painstakingly rips the media and fonts from old ROMs to create authentic recreations. Put in the text you want and the widget updates automatically. Some games have other options, and there's a button to upload your creation to imgur.

If you want more stuff like this, Foone has a patreon page.

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Procedurally-generated Space Invaders

Kjetil Golid wrote code that generates high-definition space invaders for all imaginary Earth-defense needs. The javascript library p5.js is part of the magic. Read the rest

Folklore generator

Andy Purviance's generates (and beautifully presents) snippets of folklore: perfect for forming story ideas or oblique strategies.

Some I got:

Pursuit of game leads to upper world Tricksters feign death of their father King mourns so much at wife's funeral he goes on piracy every afterward Transformation by throwing ashes Trolls are skilled smiths Read the rest

Planet Generator

The Planet Generator is a goldilocks of procedural generation: not too detailed, not too abstract, but just right. [via MeFi] Read the rest

Medieval city plan generator

The Medieval city generator does just that, with the right balance of abstraction and detail to give your imagination space to put it to good use. (previously)

This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size. The generation method is rather arbitrary, the goal is to produce a nice looking map, not an accurate model of a city. Maybe in the future I'll use its code as a basis for some game or maybe not.

Click one of the buttons to create a new city map of a desired size. Hover the mouse pointer over a building to see the type of the ward it belongs to. Press and hold SPACE to see all ward labels.

Toy Town is a 3d-visualizer for this generator. One day it may become a separate native application or a part of the generator, or both.

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Obama speech generator

Want to hear a president talk again? Talk Obama To Me accepts up to 180 characters of text and pieces together a speech by Barack Obama. [via] Read the rest

Make crazy 3D houses with Brick Block

Oskar Stalberg (previously) made Brick Block, a fun online 3D toy that lets you design surreal blocky houses. You can spin the scene to any degree and have it generate random houses. It's like the level editor for a Victorian-themed version of the classic cyberpunk game Syndicate.

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Random ASCII spaceship generator

Admiral, your fleet awaits! I don't fancy your chance against the Unicode Menace, but do what you can.

The game/generator is called Vortex, but apart from this Reddit thread where creator Huw Millward linked to the video, it doesn't seem to have a homepage. He's got other similar projects, too: I like the look of Feud, a seriously old-school text-based sim set in 13th-century England. Read the rest

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