Doggo jumps into the ocean and tries to make friends with a dolphin (video)

A golden retriever who lives in the Bahamas has seen dolphins plenty of times before, but last week she decided it was time to make friends with one.

So, treating the ocean like a dog park, the pooch began to follow the dolphin all around a canal, barking and dog paddling as she tried to rope her sea buddy into a game of chase.

"Never seen a dog swim so fast," joked the caption on her TikTok video (see below, posted by morgiepb via Newsweek). And although the dolphin got the game rules all mixed up, chasing fish instead of the barking newcomer, the dog didn't seem to mind. In fact, after the dolphin swam off, the pup waited on the dock in case her new bff came back for another round.

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