Mike Lindell's MyPillow evicted from warehouse over unpaid rent

MyPillow, the enterprise that once made conspiracy theorist and mustachio Mike Lindell wealthy, is unable to pay its rent and has been evicted from one of its two Minnesota warehouses. His support for Trumpism and frequently-televised self-debasement has not been good for business. According to a lawsuit—not linked to by the media reporting it—the landlord says MyPillow missed four months of rent in the last year, with none paid in February or March, owing a total of $217,489.74.

Lindell confirmed to the Associated Press last year that he is out of money, and that his company has been "decimated." He previously said that MyPillow lost $100 million due to his election fraud claims. The main assets he had remaining at the time were his home and his pickup truck, though he said he had no plans to file for bankruptcy.

Fox News, which had been one of his biggest advertising platforms, stopped running MyPillow commercials in January due to a payment dispute, which Lindell acknowledged.

Lindell says the warehouse isn't being used anymore, but that's not how lease agreements work.

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