Georgia GOP official who cried "stolen election" voted illegally 9 times, and is a felony check forgery convict

Nothing says MAGA like a Georgia Republican official who loudly trumpeted the Big Lie that the 2020 election was "stolen" from Donald Trump and was then caught illegally casting ballots not once, not twice, but nine times between 2008 and 2010. As The Washington Post's Amy Wang reports, Brian Pritchard, the first vice chairman of the Georgia GOP, was sentenced this week to a Georgia-style hand-slap: a $5,000 fine and public reprimand for his serial voter fraud. That'll learn him!

"I do not believe 81 million people voted for this guy," Pritchard bloviated about Biden's decisive 2020 victory on his far-right talk show last year, blaming the "corrupt media" and Georgia election officials for being "complicit" in the imaginary heist. But according to court documents, it was Pritchard himself who was corrupting Georgia's elections, wantonly signing voter registration forms affirming he was eligible to vote despite being on felony probation stemming from check forgery charges in Pennsylvania — a fact that legally barred him from voting in the Peach State until at least 2011.

According to the Post, "Pritchard signed voter registration forms in 2008 in which he affirmed that he was "not serving a sentence for having been convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude." He then cast ballots in four Georgia primary and general elections in 2008, as well as five special, primary and general elections in 2010."

Pritchard's excuse? "Do you think the first time I voted, I said, 'Oh, I got away with it. Let's do it eight more times?'" he testified. The answer is yes, you did think that, Convict Pritchard. The hypocrisy of election deniers like Pritchard would be comical if it wasn't so corrosive to our democracy. These charlatans shamelessly project their own misdeeds onto others while working to systematically undermine the integrity of our elections and replace America with something the resembles a blend of the Republic of Gilead and Idiocracy.

Unsurprisingly, this fraudster extraordinaire had the Trumpian nerve to proclaim in his campaign for Georgia GOP leadership that he wanted to "leverage the influence of the grassroots conservative movement to improve election integrity." In the Cult of MAGA, "integrity" means being a sleazeball with poor impulse control and a criminal record of cheating people. He's sure to go far in the GOP!

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