NY Times continues forgiving Justice Thomas

Pausing their constant worry over Joe Biden's age and prospects amongst the Irish, the New York Times has taken a moment to question people's questioning of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' complete lack of ethics.

As if the New York Times pitchbot is running things, the old Grey Lady decided to offer up a piece on how the embattled Justice keeps helping out the Federalist Society's Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and the evil Democrats who plague him. If the New York Times wanted to make a change, they could plague Thomas with a front-page piece on his lack of ethics every day until he quit. It works with University presidents.

For Justice Thomas's critics, his selection of Ms. Clanton as a clerk is blatant favoritism, if not nepotism, particularly for a justice already under an ethics cloud for revelations about his gifts and travel from wealthy benefactors. To his defenders, Justice Thomas is showing admirable willingness to take in a young conservative and shield her from a firestorm of attacks for text messages that he and other supporters say were fakes designed to malign her.

Either way, his decision is another example of the justice landing himself in public controversy, this time by hiring his wife's former employee and a virtual family member primarily known outside the justice's circle for allegations that she sent anti-Black texts. Friends say Ms. Clanton's hiring also reflects Justice Thomas's sympathies to a young woman under siege, as he has been, from what he has long viewed as a sanctimonious liberal elite.

"Justice Thomas knows what a racist is," Mark Paoletta, a close friend and frequent defender of the Thomases, wrote on social media, adding, "I will take his word and judgment any day of the week." The justice, he added, has "survived Democrat racists in DC who have attacked him for 40 years because he does not conform to their racist demand that he must think a certain way based on color of his skin."

New York Times

Maybe Ms. Clanton is just a really good RV driver. This just proves you don't have to be a billionaire to be Clarence and Ginny's pal.