A dog zaps a cat into another dimension with one sneeze (video)

In what could have been a scene out of a sci-fi flick, a dog blasted a cat into another dimension — or at least off screen — with just a single sneeze.

Their humans just happened to be filming the duo, who were lounging together, when the pooch couldn't hold back, letting out an explosive sneeze. And instantaneously, the cat disappeared, as if zapped to smithereens.

Fortunately, the cat reassembled itself and even dared to reenter the atmosphere, looking a bit suspicious as it bravely sat in sneezing range of the offending snout. "When you capture the best moment ever, by accident!" the caption to the video says (see below, posted by amanda_beee).


When you accidentally capture a funny moment with the pets 🐶🐱#catanddog #funnysneeze

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Via Newsweek

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