Helldivers but with the Penguins of Madagascar

Helldivers 2 is a legally-distinct-from-Starship Troopers game that is definitely based on Starship Troopers. It has a dash of Terminator thrown in for good measure. It is equal parts fun and frustrating. Also, it's a bit crashy. YouTuber Nadya PLAY has added the Penguins of Madagascar to the fray. For Democracy.

The Venn diagram intersection of Helldivers players and fans of the Penguins of Madagascar may be small, but I find this delightful. For the record, I often play as the private who does not survive, at least at the higher levels.

In part two, Private is used as a decoy, and Rico gets to blow stuff up.

In part three, the penguins drop into the dreaded Malevelon Creek. Malevelon Creek was recently liberated. Coincidence? I think not.