Armored vehicle almost flattens a bunch of people

News 24 reports that "No SA National Defence Force (SANDF) members were injured after a Rooikat light armoured vehicle hit a fence during a practice run ahead of the annual Armed Forces Day commemorations in Polokwane on Monday."

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Here's what happens when you drive a 12-ton bus across a 10-ton bridge

You can see this cute bridge in California sag ominously as a heavy bus passes over it. According to the person who shot the video, "This is the 2nd bus to cross the 10-ton limit one-lane Beaver bridge." I don't think the bridge can handle many more bus crossings like this. Read the rest

Speeding out-of-control truck like something out of horror movie

Speeding in wet weather is never a good idea, and the maniac driver in this video proves the point. Read the rest

Ambulance arrives quickly after accident

Emergency response times in Zalgo county are superlative! [via] Read the rest

Bad driver honks at parked cars blocking his way, gets ticket

Caught on dashcam: a gentleman driving in the parking lane was annoyed with the parked cars blocking his right-of-way and honked his horn before swerving left and cutting off another driver (with a dashcam). When the gentleman was pulled over by the police, he said some bad words at the dashcam owner as he drove past him. Read the rest

A tailgater who probably didn't learn his lesson

A pickup truck tailgating a car was unprepared for what happened. As soon as the driver got his truck fixed, I'm sure he was back at it again.

Dang Dog Ditch

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Who is wrong here? The tailgater or the brake-checker?

Herman Yung of Dooby Brain posted this video, along with the question: "Watch the video above of a guy brake checking a driver that is tailgating him. Who is wrong here? The man driving too slow in the passing lane or the guy tailgating?" Answer in the comments, either here, or on Herman's site. Read the rest

Driver caught steering with feet while texting with both hands

A driver on the Schuylkill Expressway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recorded another driver steering her car with her feet while texting with both hands. Read the rest

Bad driver gets his due when he runs into a truck

This dashcam owner didn't show much sympathy for a driver who cut her off and and then tried to get around a large truck, only to crunch into it. The driver backed up to extricate his car from the truck, but when he tried getting around it again, he scraped the truck one more time. Read the rest