Wrinkle the Duck has run FOUR marathons

I can barely run half a mile, so I'm totally in awe of Wrinkle the Duck, who has, to date, run FOUR marathons. Wrinkle has run the New York City Marathon three times (20212022, and 2023) as well as the 2021 Long Island Marathon! I clearly need some training tips from this adorable waterfowl!

Here's a 5-minute compilation of Wrinkle from the 2023 NYC Marathon, and a longer, 10-minute one. In both, you can see Wrinkle fueling up, running, hydrating (she watered up at least 10 times), and getting a medal at the end! 

Runners World provides some details on Wrinkle's 2023 race:

Her adopted parents, Justin Wood and Joyce Kung of the Justin Wood Circus Variety Show, were training her for parading, they previously told Runner's World. 

"She has very good endurance in walking and running," Kung said. "We just figured [out] a good way to display it."

Wrinkle wears custom shoes made from a soft, waterproof material, to protect her little duck feet.

Did Wrinkle really run the entire marathon? Probably not. Again, Runners World:

We tried to determine how far Wrinkle ran during Sunday's race; in 2021, it was estimated that she ran about a half-mile with stops. Footage from this year's race shows her running during the day and after the sun went down at the race's iconic finish line in Central Park. Requests for an interview with Wrinkle's parents were not immediately answered. 

Still, she ran farther than I did, so I remain impressed. I should probably get quackin' if I ever hope to match—nevermind beat—Wrinkle's record!

To see more of Wrinkle the Duck, follow her on TikTok or Instagram.

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