Beloved MAGA "prophet" insists Trump's guilty verdict is fake news (video)

Today, MAGA "prophet" Julie Green frantically reassured her followers that God's message to her yesterday promising that Trump would not be found guilty in his hush money trial was not wrong, but rather misunderstood.

Green is the founder and figurehead of Julie Green Ministries International, a ministry based in Iowa that has attracted many MAGA and QAnon enthusiasts. Embracing her self-proclaimed "prophet" status, Green claims to receive direct messages from God. As a prominent voice in the Christian nationalist movement, she has made various predictions ranging from President Biden concealing White House killings to the existence of a computer containing damaging information that will supposedly bring down Supreme Court Justices and other leaders.

In a video posted yesterday, Green stated that God had whispered in her ear about Trump's innocence. "There will be no guilty verdict because there's no crime," God told her.

Fast forward to today, and faced with the reality that Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies, Green is serving up a word salad that would make Sarah Palin envious. She says, "You can have a fake inauguration. Doesn't mean the person in that place is a real president… You can have a fake verdict. It doesn't mean that person is actually guilty at all."

Ah, the classic "it's not a lie if you believe it" defense of the MAGA party. It works every time when your patrons consist of folks who consider themselves very stable geniuses.

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