Louisiana reclassifies abortion pills as dangerous drugs

Louisiana governor Jeff Landry, a Republican, signed a bill that reclassified mifepristone and misoprostol as dangerous drugs. They were placed on Schedule IV of its controlled substances list, drugs whose use may lead to "physical dependence or psychological dependence," alongside front-line antidepressants and pain medications. He did so late friday, the time traditionally reserved for dumping news you don't want discussed. Abortion is already banned in Louisiana.

Though premised on a lawmaker's personal experiences—Sen. Thomas Pressly (R-Shreveport)'s sister was slipped an abortion pill by her husband in a drink—he made it clear in remarks to The New York Times that it is the abortion he finds objectionable, not the coercion:

"I understand that it may give some in this body some heartburn," Pressly said Thursday to lawmakers, according to the New York Times. "But I truly believe this is the right step for making sure that the criminal action on the front end is stopped."

Five years imprisonment, under his eye. Must be getting risky to practice medicine in that state.

🎵 Friday night, friday night.

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