Humiliating music video worships Donald Trump as "The Chosen One" and nope — it's not a MAGA parody (video)

I thought for sure a new Trump-worshipping music video called "The Chosen One" was a spoof. But nope, it's real, and about as cringeworthy as the godawful "God Made Trump" video that false prophet Donald Trump posted earlier this year.

Set to a tune reminiscent of a an early 2000s pre-teen sitcom intro (e.g., Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, iCarly), this new over-the-top Christian pop schlock has all the makings of a MAGA parody: humiliating comparisons of God and Trump, absurd portrayals of the convicted felon as a loving child protector, and best of all, its ludicrous lyrics that only a parody writer — or brainwashed cult member — could have written.

He gets in trouble bigly time after time
He's controversial, but one thing is true
Imperfect people, a perfect God can use

I'm standing with the chosen one
Ain't no stopping what the Lord's begun
He's only human like you and me
Just a chosen one, the chosen one.

After researching the song's creator, however, it looks the song was actually created in all seriousness by a brainwashed MAGA cult member named Natasha Owens — a Texas Christian who needs to layoff the Kool-Aid before its too late. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)