Angry MAGA Congressman is upstaged by his hilarious 6-year-old son (video)

Rep. John Rose (R–TN) gave a long-winded speech on the House floor on Monday criticizing the U.S. judicial system for convicting a criminal cult leader who also happens to be Donald Trump. But what would have been a long-winded bore-a-thon turned out to be a memorable hit, thanks to his 6-year-old son sitting behind him, who hijacked the dull monologue with a show of his own.

The young comedian began his bit by simply smiling into the camera, which was already enough to snap glazed viewers back to attention. But his gag didn't end there. As his bitter father continued his monotonous diatribe, the boy then began to pull the silliest of faces, rolling his eyes, sticking out his tongue, shaking his head, and even making some cryptic hand gestures.

Below are two videos posted by Aaron Fritschner, the first showing the contrast of Rose's yawn-worthy speech with the light-hearted silliness of his son, while the second is a silent gif that gets right to the fun stuff, without all the unnecessary noise.

Fortunately, according to 6ABC, Rose, who is bringing his son — who just graduated from kindergarten — to work this week, seemed to take it in stride. "This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother." Maybe the Congressman can actually learn a thing or two (smile! lighten up!) from his little guy while he's at it.