"No place to send them?" Musk scrambles to justify diverting Nvidia chips away from Tesla

Elon Musk used his $47 billion toy social media site to whip his incel simps into a fury against CNBC journalist Laura Kolodny, nicknaming her a "liar" for reporting that he told told Nvidia to ship thousands of AI chips reserved for Tesla to Xitter and xitterAI.

Instead of apologizing after became clear that Kolodny was telling the truth, Elon "Liar" Musk instead made up an excuse for ordering Nvidia to divert the AI chips from Tesla to Xitter and xitterAI headquarters.

"Tesla had no place to send the Nvidia chips to turn them on," he whined, "so they would have just sat in a warehouse. The south extension of Giga Texas is almost complete. This will house 50k H100s for FSD training."Yawn… are you done blabbing yet, Musk? I have Venom Horse memes to look at.

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