"HELL NO!!" Biden shouts in disgust at Donald Trump's callous words about mass shootings (video)

President Biden was anything but "sleepy" today when he shouted in disgust at Donald Trump's callous words about mass shootings.

"You have to get over it," the ex-president-turned-felon said back in January after a school shooter shot and killed a sixth grader and a staff member, and injured six others at a Sioux City high school (see Trump's words for yourself in the first video below, posted by Biden-Harris HQ).

To which Biden responded with fury today while speaking at a gun control conference in Washington D.C.

"After a school shooting in Iowa that killed a student and teacher, my predecessor was asked about it. You remember what he said. He said, 'You have to get over it,'" Biden said, before blowing up.

"HELL NO!!! We don't have to get over it! We've got to stop it!" he suddenly shouted, to erupting applause. "We've got to stop it, and stop it now!!!" he added. (See second video below, posted by Acyn.) And by the sounds of the human explosion in the room, the audience couldn't agree more.

Ironically, the President gave this speech on the same day his son, 54-year-old Hunter Biden, was found guilty on three felony charges all related to an illegal purchase of a gun in 2018.