Online gallery shows off carabiner collection

Someone made a wonderful online gallery of their carabiner collection. I'm a sucker for digital galleries of people's highly specific collections, and this one is top tier. 

This carabiner collection features an array of carabiners which are categorized by type. After clicking on a type of carabiner, you can see a photo of each one with details about its measurements. There are 430 carabiners on proud display here, and the internet is a better place because of it. 

From the site:

"I am fascinated by mechanical objects, how they are designed, and how those designs reflect the needs of the users. I also love the world of vertical rope disciplines – recreational tree climbing in particular, but I have also spent time professionally on ropes courses and teaching rock climbing.

As a gearhead, one thing I've always enjoyed is sharing gear with others, and seeing them understand an aspect of the rope discipline in a new way through that piece of equipment.

As a reader, I find simple personal websites interesting – something I've become nostalgic for as more content has moved to Web 2.0 and become hidden behind logins. 

This site is an expression of my collecting and climbing hobby – a continual work-in-progress representing my personal collection & musings. It is not a how-to guide, or any sort of authority on how to use vertical equipment."

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