Risky Business 2024: Cops find abandoned, upside-down Porsche full of cash

Abandoning a Porsche in NYC and leaving wads of cash behind may be the easiest way to avoid parking tickets.

NYPD is looking for information about a Porsche that rolled through a cement parking garage wall, landed on its roof, and was abandoned by whoever left blood, a cell phone, and "wads of cash" inside. The Police do not know if the vehicle was stolen, but you better believe the owner will say it was now. I hope they have their cellphone on them!

The NYPD is trying to figure out what happened after a Porsche plunged over the side of a NYC parking garage and landed upside down.

The vehicle somehow plunged from the second level of a Target parking lot – just west of the Major Deegan Expressway – and ended up upside down. Police found wads of cash, including $100 bills and a cell phone, on its undercarriage.


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