Turnabout is fair play: aggressive crocodile becomes community feast

A crocodile lunges at kids and ends up the guest of honor at a community BBQ. From predator to platter in record time!

Revenge never tasted so good! A 3.63-meter crocodile was eating local dogs and had started to go after children. Reasonably, the people in the Northern Territory town of Bulla, Australia, held a barbecue and ate it. I'd have a hard time eating something that ate one of my dogs, but I would not have a hard time killing it.

Since then it had been "stalking and lunging out of the water at children and adults", they added.

It had also "taken multiple community dogs", police said.

Following discussions with local residents, the crocodile was shot to ensure it "did not continue to pose a significant risk to the community".

The "large saltie" was then taken into Bulla where the "community prepared it for a feast in the traditional manner", police said.

It was "on the barbecue" and "cooked up into crocodile tail soup", remote sergeant Andrew McBride told ABC News.


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