Ben Stenbeck's post-apocalyptic comic debut, "Our Bones Dust"

The highly-anticipated first trade paperback of Ben Stenbeck's Our Bones Dust hits bookstores today. Ben is a long-time collaborator with Mike Mignola (on projects such as Baltimore, Witchfinder, Frankenstein, and Koschei). Our Bones Dust is his solo debut.

Our Bones Dust takes readers into a post-apocalyptic Earth where an AI archaeologist, on a final mission, forms an unexpected alliance with a feral child. As they navigate a desolate and perilous world, they are relentlessly pursued by a family of nomadic cannibals. The story is a brutal, yet compelling blend of horror and survival, beautifully brought to life by Stenbeck's masterful art and world-building.

Mike Mignola has called the series "the best thing [Stenbeck's] ever done." Other critics and creators are also extolling its virtues. Comics Beat calls it "over-the-top comics genre excellence," while suggests that "Mignola fans who know Stenbeck through their collaborations owe it to themselves to see what the creator has to offer from his mind." CBR finds it "striking" and "impressive."

See for yourself. We are thrilled to share an extended preview of the first issue with Boing Boing readers. What do you think?