Monsanto ran a psy-ops war-room to discredit journalists and spy on Neil Young

Monsanto ran a "fusion center" (a term borrowed from law-enforcement counter-terrorism operations) that spied on activists and journalists who were investigating the safety of its products, notably the link between its "Round Up" pesticides and cancers. Read the rest

Jury awards $2b to California couple who say Bayer's Roundup weedkiller gave them cancer

Back in 2018, evil got a shot in the arm when Nazi collaborators Bayer were allowed to buy Big Ag monopolists Monsanto, celebrating the marriage by getting rid of the Monsanto name (on the grounds that Monsanto's tactics had tarnished their reputation even worse than Bayer's use of concentration camp slaves and fatal medical experiments on Jews and others imprisoned by the Nazis, to say nothing of their notorious product Zyklon B). Read the rest

A look at some quirky, and downright strange, 2019 calendars

It hurts me to say this but 2019 is nearly here, and that means stores are filled with calendars.

Well, my daughter and I are traveling this week and while out at one of our favorite stores in Arizona, we saw a huge display of wall calendars. Because of the sheer quantity of them, we couldn't decide on one. So, we left empty-handed and I thought to search out what quirky calendars I could find online. I wasn't disappointed.

Here are some of the crazy calendars "kids" are into these days (notations in brackets are mine):

1. Animal Butts: "Welcome every month of the new year with a new animal butt!" [Or else!]

Available from Paper Source for $19.95

2. Animal Selfies: "did you know that animals love to take selfies too? Its true..." [that's 110% not true]

On Amazon for $10.39

3. NYC Taxi Drivers: "...features 12 of the city's most scintillating and good-humored yellow cab drivers." [Please, do not put jumper cables anywhere near your nipples!]

$14.99 and benefits charity

4. The RGB Workout: "Exercise with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg... get into supreme shape!" [She recovered so quickly from those broken ribs, I probably should follow RGB's exercise routine!]

$14.99 at Chronicle Books

5. Pooping Pooches: "Do you know someone who loves dogs...too much?" [No words.]

$15.99 and benefits charity

6. Merby's: The 'bearded men in fish tails' calendar by the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club is back. [Sure, why not? Read the rest

Monsanto's lawyers forgot to ask a court to suppress damning evidence about cancer and corrupt science

Monsanto is facing over 100 lawsuits in a Federal district court in San Francisco brought by people who attribute their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to exposure to glyphosate in Monsanto's Roundup weed-killer, and as part of the discovery process, it submitted internal documents to the court that detailed shenanigans in the company's internal science and its dealings with regulators and the press. Read the rest