How citizenship-for-sale and statelessness change cities

James Bridle (previously) is the latest contributor to The Atlantic's excellent series on the future of cities (Bruce Sterling, Molly Sauter, Adam Greenfield); in a new piece, Greenfield discusses the phenomenon of "virtual citizenship," and how it affects cities that are either turned into dumping-grounds for inconvenient poor people, or rootless, tax-dodging one-percenters.

"The Kid Should See This" is an antidote to idiotic kid-meme Youtube

Plenty of parents are unsettled by abysmal quality of videos aimed at kids on Youtube — which range from the merely dull/hacky/ultra-branded to the slurry of possibly-autogenerated brain porridge that James Bridle recently documented. The design director and video-producer Rion Nakaya got sick of this same sludge, so she created The Kid Should See This,…

On the once and future history of clouds

James Bridle (previously) honors the The Cloud Index, "a tool for actionable weather forecasts" at London's Serpentine Gallery, with a lyrical longread about the history of clouds, science, war and computation.

The strange stories behind country-code top-level domains

James Bridle writes, "A couple of months ago I released a browser extension – Citizen Ex – which tracks your browsing (entirely privately) in order to show you your "Algorithmic Citizenship" – where your browsing actually goes, and what this means for your rights."

Walk 1.4 mi. in London, take photos of 140+ CCTVs

James Bridle photographed every CCTV between his home in east London and Dalston Junction, a 1.4mi walk with about 140 cameras. Welcome to London, where we have 11 CCTVs per red blood cells. Every CCTV camera between my house and Dalston Junction (via Super Punch)

Bruce Sterling interviewed about the New Aesthetic

David Cox interviews Bruce Sterling about the significance, lifecycle and future of the New Aesthetic movement: First to the issue of "is the New Aesthetic really new?" I'd say those images are "new'" pretty much by definition. Aesthetics obviously is very old. James Bridle doing a project called the "New Aesthetic Tumblr" is over, and…

Pepys Road: online story about Londoners weathering the crash

Matt sez, is an innovative online story based on Capital by John Lanchester, the first big London post-crash novel. Capital interweaves the lives and stories of the residents of Pepys Road, looking at the recent financial crash and its effect on our everyday lives. To support the book, Storythings have been commissioned by Faber…