• Best Quality CBD Gummies for Wellness

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    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more well-known cannabinoid THC that gets you "high," CBD can be extracted from industrial hemp, which is legal nationwide under the Hemp Farming Act included in the 2018 Farm Bill.

    The science is developing, but people use CBD widely with claims that it acts as an anticonvulsant, analgesic, anxiolytic and a gentle sleep aid. With and without the presence of other cannabinoids, CBD is used to help with PMS, and as a support for focus, and against anxiety.

    Pet owners are now dosing their pets with veterinary formulations of CBD to calm them down during thunderstorms or when traveling. (Editor's Note: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PETS THC, or CBD products that are formulated for humans. Talk to your veterinarian first.)

    If you want to find the best quality CBD gummies, oil, vape or edibles though… good luck. The market is flooded with junk.

    Unhealthy CBD Products

    If you take a look at the vast variety of CBD products available on the market now, it's difficult to rationalize how you could think of most of them as health and wellness products. The market is full of CBD infused candies packed with sugar more suited for a trick-or-treat bag than an item you might find in a medicine cabinet. You'll find hard candies, jelly beans and chocolate bars full of CBD, a veritable candy store.

    Unregulated CBD Industry

    Then there is the fact that the CBD industry still isn't regulated. Increasingly, science tells us that bottles of CBD oil, edibles and vapes often don't even contain the quantity of CBD the labels claim, if they contain any CBD at all. Some products that claim not to contain THC do contain THC, which can cause people to get arrested or lose their jobs.

    Responsible companies are paying third-party lab testing companies to prove their products are what they claim, but many companies don't bother to pay for third-party verification simply because there is no regulatory body forcing them to. How can anyone trust an industry that continuously cuts corners or does not grasp that a wellness product should also be a healthy product? The large volume of unhealthy CBD products eliminates an entire consumer base that struggles with severe medical conditions and need to follow strict diets. Those individuals are the ones that may benefit the most from the medicinal properties of CBD.

    Pure Unflavored CBD Oil

    For the most part, the only CBD products available that anyone with a severe medical condition is likely to consider is a pure unflavored CBD oil. Most doctors are not going to recommend you use your lungs as a delivery system for anything, especially if you already struggle with a medical condition, which eliminates CBD vape pens. That means patients can drip an oil that tastes like hemp, which frankly just does not taste all that good, under their tongue or swallow it. An unflavored hemp oil goes well in most any food though, so there certainly are ways to disguise the taste and make healthy food with CBD at home. If your diet is geared towards trying to get your body to transition into ketogenesis, a process where the body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, making keto CBD edibles should not be a problem with a pure CBD oil. There are ways of flavoring products to help improve their taste without compromising on health. It would be logical for CBD companies to focus on those sorts of flavoring methods.

    Best Carrier Oils for Bioavailability

    Something else to consider when shopping for the best CBD products is the oil used. Some oils are better for carrying CBD through the body than others. Bioavailability is how much CBD can be absorbed into the body to truly give it a chance to soothe pains and stress. Traditional olive oil works well enough, but its thickness makes metabolizing it more difficult and reduces bioavailability relative to a thinner oil. The general consensus is that an MCT oil is the best sort of carrier for CBD. An MCT oil derived from coconuts seems to be the best one with a hint of coconut flavor that most people seem to like.

    Laura Brenner and Sugar & Kush CBD

    Laura Brenner had stage 3 ovarian cancer in her early 30s. She adopted a lifestyle focused on healthy foods and exercise, in which hemp oil played an important role. Laura read about how people helped their bodies battle cancer, and how cannabis is said to help people de-stress, and get a better night's sleep. She transformed her kitchen into a laboratory and made hemp oil. She believes hemp oil played a major role in giving her body the strength it needed to eradicate the disease, and she was inspired to create a CBD product for people who really need it. That is why she started Sugar and Kush CBD. Her products are designed to be safe for diabetics, people who have gluten allergies, and people just focused on their overall health and wellness.


    In your search for the best quality CBD gummies or oils, bear in mind that you need to do your homework. A growing number of consumers are purchasing their CBD products online, since most convenience or grocery stores are not going to provide a certificate of analysis. A CBD product sold in a dispensary may have THC in it, as the CBD may be extracted from the drug-type cannabis plant instead of industrial hemp. If you are looking to avoid failing a drug test or getting high, then you want to avoid anything with THC. Look for a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab to verify that the product actually contains CBD and the amount of milligrams found on the label. If you are going to add CBD into your daily regimen along with your vitamins and supplements, make it healthy. You don't need CBD products giving you cavities or making your triglyceride count leap up on the results of your next blood work. Also, determine what sort of oil the CBD has been infused into so you can get the most out of your CBD dosages. In general, you don't want to trade in your overall health for the analgesic and anxiolytic properties of CBD.

  • The EST Shovel: The World's Most Capable Adventure Tool

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    Finding great tools is difficult, but this awesome shovel from EST Gear is said to be the world's most capable camping and adventure tool and we can see why because, wherever your journeys take you, it's not going to let you down and it can get you out of a fix or two.

    With The EST Shovel Multi-Tool you'll be prepared for anything. This packable lifesaving survival tool is ideal for any camping adventure. Plus, the EST shovel is easy to keep anywhere, such as your car, truck or your bug-out bag. Featuring 18 tools in one, it combines a shovel, ax, saw, spear, knife, fire starter, wire-cutter and nail puller. It also features a bottle opener, whistle, compass and more. Made of 420 hardened-steel, the reinforced shovel head is strong enough for any situation and the military-grade aluminum handle makes the multipurpose adventure tool lightweight and easy to use.

    You can save 50% off when you pre-order on indiegogo, the campaign is already over 250% funded and it ships in June.

  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Picks For Forgetful Lovers

    Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Picks For Forgetful Lovers

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    Rainbow Heart Shaped Pillow

    Evocative of emojis, but not shaped like poo, and perfect for the 11 year-old daughter who'll demand I participate in this holiday. — Jason

    Titanium Pill Holder Keychain Necklace

    Compartment will accommodate psychoactive pills of your choosing. — Mark

    Kawaii Skeleton Onesie

    Nothing says intimacy that a sexy peek at your insides — Cory

    Gigantic 55-Gallon Oil Drum of Lube

    Water-based. The 55-gallon drum of sexual lubricant is a time-honored Boing Boing Gift Guide tradition. The price has gone up. — Xeni

    Beyond Buckskin

    Buy "Indian" crafts from Indian people. Beaded earrings, quillwork, cozy mocs, warm blankets, authentic dream catchers, birch bark baskets, all from Native American artisans. — Xeni

    Belgian Darts Set

    End grain basswood board, scoring rings separated by hydraulically inserted brass, and polished steel-tipped darts with birch wood barrels and shafts — Rob

    Vessel vape pen

    The nicest-looking, feeling, and functioning 510 thread battery "vape pen" I've tried. Rose gold and walnut wood options, for the whole gender spectrum. Check site for sales and discounts on open-box pens. — Xeni

    Nepali Cherish Greeting Card & Envelope Box Set with Handmade Lokta Paper from Nepal, 15 Cards (Bougainvillea)

    This beautiful, handmade paper is pressed with flower petals, making it perfect for love notes like "Let's get it on, sugar" but you have to write out the URL to the Marvin Gaye song. — Jason

    Tardigrade Bikini

    Why didn't they think of this sooner! — Mark

    Liberator Sex Furniture

    As endorsed by Oh Joy Sex Toy: made in America by high-waged workers, the company makes foam wedges, half-spheres, pillows and even loungers that help couples (or more!) comfortably sustain sexual positions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible, whether due to a lack of athleticism or some kind of disability. — Cory

    Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto

    Is it an aphrodisiac? An aromatherapy elixir? A sexy scent? Hey, why not all of the above. — Xeni

    Devil Heart Necklace

    Because you just need to get the Valentine's Day situation dealt with ASAP. — Rob

    Leather Handcuffs by Crave

    A new twist for the old ball and chain. Works as a bracelet, too! — Mark

    Woman World

    A kind of gender-oriented, post-apocalyptic episode of Portlandia, where the bohemian free spirits of the man-free world get their own little asides for romance, reminiscence, politics, coming of age, depression, exploration. — Cory

    Kawaii Heart Stickers

    Five bucks a sheet — Rob

    Kinky and Kooky Excerpts from America's First Sex Magazine

    Founded in 1933, Sexology explores important romance-related issues, such as: extra breasts in women, pregnant men, humans with tails, and human-animal crossbreeding. — Mark

    Drawn to Sex

    The Oh Joy Sex Toy folks always deliver quality material, and a general sex-ed book is sorely needed and very welcome indeed — Cory

    Funko's Cuddle Team Leader

    She is cute, she is caring and she'll dance on your eliminated skin! I swoon for Cuddle Team Leader. — Jason

    Hu Dark Cashew Butter and Vanilla Bean Chocolate Bars

    Parse these heavenly treats out as a reward for good behavior. — Mark

    Art of Dungeons and Dragons:

    Contains a 400-page retrospective of the classic art of D&D, a reprint of the notoriously hard Tomb of Horrors module (designed by Gary Gygax to challenge the most overpowered characters), and frameable lithos. It's incredible. — Cory

    Oud oil

    Rising Phoenix Perfumery on Etsy is a trustworthy purveyor of exotic, extremely high end medicinal/fragrance oils. The real deal extracts. Oud is one of the most amazing scents, with each variety a uniquely provocative and primal fragrance. Gender neutral. — Xeni

    Pink, Heart-shaped Post-it Notes

    Low-effort perfection for the office. — Rob

    XGCMY Leather Paly Buckle Belt Silicon Mouth Ball Gag for Men Women (Red)

    When what you want is silence, sometimes it's nice to offer a solution, instead of just hinting. Some people need help shutting the fuck up. The red ball reminds me of a clown nose, so I picked that one. — Jason

    Valentine Rope Heart

    Hrm. — Rob


  • Charitable Giving Guide 2018

    Here's a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. Please add the causes and charities you give to in the forums!

    Friends of the Merril Collection

    I'm on the board of the charity that fundraises for Toronto's Merril Collection, a part of the Toronto Public Library system that is also the world's largest public collection of science fiction, fantasy and related works (they archive my papers). Since its founding by Judith Merril, the Merril Collection has been a hub for creators, fans, and scholars. I wouldn't be a writer today if not for the guidance of its Writer in Residence when I was a kid. —CD

    The Tor Project

    The Tor anonymity and privacy tools are vital to resistance struggles around the world, a cooperative network that provides a high degree of security from scrutiny for people who have reasons to fear the powers that be. From our early hominid ancestors until about ten years ago, humans didn't leave behind an exhaust-trail of personally identifying information as they navigated the world — Tor restores that balance. —CD

    Planned Parenthood

    Because we deserve health care, including reproductive, gender, and sexual health care. Because access to birth control and safe abortion is a human right. Because Trump's regime wants to destroy all of this. —XJ

    Software Freedom Conservancy

    Software Freedom Conservancy does the important, boring, esoteric work of keeping the internet from tearing itself to pieces, playing host organization to free software projects like Git, Selenium and Samba (to name just three). The Conservancy keeps these projects legally sound and gives them a scaffold to hang their institutional structures on them. Without the Conservancy, the software you love and depend on would be in dire peril.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation

    I have been proudly associated with EFF for a decade an a half now and have watched, half-awed, as it grew from a scrappy, brilliant little organization to a powerhouse of enormous scale and power. Every cause, every fight enumerated on this page and in your life and mine will be lost or won on the internet. EFF is the best hope we have of keeping that internet free, fair and open. —CD, MF

    Creative Commons
    Creative Commons is best known as a tool for sharing-friendly artists, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Since the beginning, and all over the world, CC has provided governments, agencies, research and scholarly institutions and NGOs with the tools to easily share across borders and the bewildering array of copyright laws. We can't beat trumpism without collaboration tools, and that includes legal tools. —CD

    Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia)
    For 15 years, Wikipedia has been figuring out how to negotiate truth among diverse and even warring points of view. It's not always pretty and it's not always nice, but no one's yet found a better way to let ideas bash against each other until something everyone agrees upon emerges. It's not pretty, but compared to our democracy, it's a beauty queen. —CD, KS

    Human Rights Data Analysis Group
    For more than twenty-five years, the team at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG)has used data and statistical analysis to hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. In 2018, HRDAG used machine learning to identify the most probable locations of hidden graves of the disappeared in Mexico and provided statistical evidence in the genocide trial of former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt; and critiqued the growing use of machine learning in the US criminal justice system, especially those used in place of bail to determine who should be released while awaiting trial. HRDAG is concerned that these tools tend to reproduce existing biases in criminal justice and in criminal justice data. HRDAG's analysis has shown that machine learning can amplify biases in criminal justice data, for example by worsening racial disparities in policing. —CD

    Institute for the Future
    There are no facts about the future, only fictions. As we've learned in this election, nothing is certain about tomorrow. But even as our attention is captured by the present, we can begin to write the story to come. A place to start is the Institute for the Future's Future for Good fellowship. Institute for the Future, where Mark and David are researchers, is a 50-year-old nonprofit that helps the public think about the future to make better decisions in the present. The Fellowship directly supports inspiring social innovators who are working to make tomorrow a better place. You can help too. Make a donation of $100 and you'll receive IFTF Distinguished Fellow Bob Johansen's new book "The New Leadership Literacies: Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything." —DP, MF

    The National Wildlife Federation

    National Wildlife Federation is a voice for wildlife, dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat and inspiring the future generation of conservationists. Now's the time: for the people currently in charge of U.S. policy, the cruelty is the point. —RB

    The Marine Mammal Center
    When seals, sea lion, or many other sea going pals need help, if they get lucky, they may be taken to The Marine Mammal Center, a veterinary hospital just for them. Thousands of heartbreakingly cute, but very wild, animals are rescued, rehabilitated and released on an annual basis. I'm a volunteer. In addition to the hundreds of highly trained volunteers that make the hospital run, the center always needs cash for fish and medicine. —JW

    Winn Feline Foundation
    Winn Feline Foundation

    The Winn Feline Foundation advances feline health by supporting research and education. Winn has funded over $6.4 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions worldwide. Current campaigns include funding for research on Chronic Kidney Disease, a condition estimated to affect more than 50% of senior cats. —KS

    The Southern Poverty Law Center &
    the Anti-Defamation League
    The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defemation League fight hate, teach tolerance, and help secure justice, and fair treatment for all. "There is no 'them' and 'us.' There is only us." –Greg Boyle —JW

    Facing History and Ourselves
    Facing History and Ourselves is an international educational group that helps young people study issues around racism, antisemitism, and prejudice in history, from the Holocaust to today's immigrant experiences to the killing fields of Cambodia. Their aim is to teach young people "to think critically, to empathize, to recognize moral choices, to make their voices heard, we put in their hands the possibility–and the responsibility–to do the serious work demanded of us all as citizens." —DP

    Free Software Foundation/Defective By Design
    The Free Software Foundation's principled litigation, license creation and campaigning is fierce, uncompromising and has changed the world. You interact with code that they made possible a million times a day, and they never stop working to make sure that the code stays free. —CD

    Free Software Foundation Europe
    Software has eaten the world, and software freedom is increasingly synonymous with human freedom. In Europe, far-right parties and authoritarians are inheriting a constellation of gadgets and devices that are "defective by design," built to allow corporations spy on and control their owners — and those thugs are contemplating how they can use those companies' extraordinary powers to put whole populations under their thumbs. Free software in Europe, free software everywhere! —CD

    The Internet Archive: In an era where the control of information has been weaponized, the Internet Archive's mission — universal access to all human knowledge — is a revolutionary manifesto. The Archive has taken on a new mission: to re-decentralize the internet and restore it to its indie, distributed glory. —CD

    Open Rights Group
    The UK's answer to Electronic Frontier Foundation, and never more badly needed than now, with Theresa May's government imposing mass censorship and mass surveillance on the country, and getting ready to escape the oversight of the European courts, paving the way for even-more-extreme measures. —CD

    Amnesty International
    I just looked up Amnesty's founding principles and found tears rolling down my cheeks: "Only when the last prisoner of conscience has been freed, when the last torture chamber has been closed, when the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a reality for the world's people, will our work be done." These values need our support more than ever. —CD

    On November 9, 2016 ACLU changed its homepage to a picture of Trump superimposed with the words SEE YOU IN COURT. ACLU's deep bench of kick-ass lawyers has been lately augmented by a much-needed group of freedom-fighting technologists, welded into the fighting force we'll need for the next four years and beyond: from voter suppression to free speech, the ACLU is key to the fight. —CD, MF

    With the UK plunging into surveillance dystopia where human rights are an afterthought and racial profiling is becoming official doctrine, it needs Liberty, an organisation with 80+ years' track record fighting for human rights in many incarnations of the British project. The Tories ran on a platform of repealing the Human Rights Act: when the government is officially anti "human rights," you need someone like Liberty to take the "pro" side. —CD

    826 National
    Born in San Francisco's Mission District in the back room of a pirate
    supply store, 826 National teaches young people the art and magic of
    creative writing through classes, DIY publishing projects, in-school
    programs, and drop-in tutoring at seven centers around the US. And it's
    all free for the kids. Help open more 826 locations around the country! —DP

    Fight for the Future
    Some of the Internet's savviest, hard-working-est activists. Fight for the Future has kept hope alive for Net Neutrality, leading the charge to use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the FCC's Neutrality-killing sneak attack. —CD


    Aaron Swartz co-founded Demand Progress, and as you'd expect from that
    history, they're relentless in reinventing the activist playbook for the
    21st century. —CD

    Software in the public interest — it's a damned good idea. MySociety produces software like Pledgebank ("I will risk arrest by refusing to register for a UK ID card if 100,000 other Britons will also do it") and TheyWorkForYou (every word and deed by every Member of Parliament). It's plumbing for activists and community organizers. —CD

  • The Poet of Code

    The following is a sponsored post produced by WIRED Brand Lab for Hennessy.

    Joy Buolamwini is a poet.

    But she isn't the kind of poet who fills journals with purple prose hoping to some day be published in an obscure literary magazine. Instead, the founder of the Algorithmic Justice League is a self-proclaimed "poet of code" who combines engineering with powerful language and compelling performance to ask urgent social questions of tomorrow's technology.

    In July, Buolamwini was invited by Hennessy to be one of the bright minds visiting company headquarters in Cognac, France, as part of a celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège. And this was a party with a purpose.

    Hennessy gathered masters in arts and design, science, technology, music and entertainment, business, aerospace, and the culinary arts for a series of conversations, workshops, and experiences to explore a single question: What is the future of mastery? How does poetry in code relate to the intuition, skill, and tradition flowing through Hennessy's own distilleries?

    Part of the answer is in Buolamwini's moniker, which juxtaposes the art of poetry with the applied science and research of code. This is also where Hennessy's mastery lies, in the realm between unquantifiable yet perfect taste—and an expertise in using all technology has in order to offer to iterate and improve.

    Buolamwini uses poetry and science in a very distinctive and important way: "I use art alongside rigorous technical research to highlight overlooked ways AI can inadvertently propagate stereotypes of gender and race and other kinds of discrimination," she says. "Poets give voice to the often unseen, unarticulated, or intentionally dismissed."

    At the Algorithmic Justice League, an activist collective, Buolamwini pulls back the curtain on the biases encoded in computer systems. Case in point: precision medicine, where genetic profiling will soon be used to create highly customized and optimized treatment plans. If the models underlying the algorithms that determine the profiles come primarily from males, Buolamwini explains, the systems may not work as well for women.

    None of what Buolamwini is responding to is a science-fiction fantasy (or nightmare) either. Algorithms already help people determine who to hire and whether to grant a loan, and even calculate how much time in prison someone should be sentenced to. And that's just the beginning.

    "Most people creating AI and the data being used do not reflect the vast majority of the world. As a result, there are major blind spots in the technology being created," Buolamwini says. "Full-spectrum inclusion is about asking who's missing during the design, development, and deployment of AI systems."

    At the Hennessy session, Buolamwini shares her latest work, a captivating spoken-word piece. "AI, Ain't I a Woman?" is about her research on how AI systems can incorrectly identify iconic black women.

    In many ways, "AI, Ain't I a Woman?" ties directly back to the experience that sparked Buolamwini's formation of the Algorithmic Justice League. (As a computer science student at the MIT Media Lab, she created installations based on computer vision systems that track faces. There she observed that the system had difficulty tracking her face … until she donned a white mask.) She also reads from "The Perpetual Line-Up," a Georgetown Law study on the prevalence of unregulated police face-recognition systems that haven't been audited for accuracy or bias—and the danger they represent.

    "The ability of seemingly neutral systems to propagate undetected and harmful discrimination on the basis of gender, race, or the intersections motivated me to start the Algorithmic Justice League," she explains. "This happens not just with computer vision systems, as in the case of facial-recognition technology, but in other areas where AI is applied, like in hiring and housing allocation."

    While Buolamwini is constantly confronted with the shortcomings of not only the technology created but also the humans who created it, she remains cautiously optimistic: We must make certain our technology reflects our humanity, she explains.

    And that relates directly to the day's primary focus on the future of mastery, as it connects to Hennessy. Because for Hennessy, algorithms may enhance the brand's artisanship but they will never replace the role of centuries of human expertise in its creation. So, when Hennessy's Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde speaks of cognac, he speaks poetically—though he's informed by the data of the barrel room and the vineyards.

    Next, designer and author John Maeda builds on the theme of "full-spectrum inclusion" that Buolamwini just brought up, leading a session on how inclusion and diversity is essential to creative mastery in all fields.

    "Inclusion isn't a human resources problem," Maeda says. "It's a design problem."

    Maeda then facilitates a series of exercises and compelling presentations around harnessing "the power of blends" in creative work. How can different groups, individuals, be included most meaningfully?

    Rochelle King, VP of Global Product Creative at Netflix, speaks up to say that inclusion is not about counting people or making teams more visibly diverse, but rather empathizing with and harnessing the myriad perspectives that diversity brings.

    Or as Buolamwini puts it, "How can we expect to have creative mastery if we fail to employ the talents, perspectives, and ingenuity of the majority of the world?

    And with that, we had come full circle, now with a better understanding of the future of mastery. We had learned about the importance of human input and creativity in the broadest sense, and how tech applied without inclusion or empathy cannot succeed. The fullness of human talent and human perspective is essential if mastery is to be achieved.

    "We put so much passion and emotion into tasting a sample," Fillioux de Gironde explains. "Even the most efficient computer can't analyze that. And that's why we still need our human senses."


    Please drink responsibly.

    Imported Cognac Hennessy® 40% Alc./Vol. (80°), ©2018 Imported by Moët Hennessy USA, Inc., New York, NY

    This content was produced by WIRED Brand Lab in partnership with Hennessy V.S.O.P.

  • Peer pressure your friends into voting with Outvote

    Boing Boing is proud to welcome Outvote.io as a sponsor.

    Want to get Dems and progressives elected in the 2018 midterm elections? In 5 minutes? From your couch? There's an app for that.

    The majority of registered voters missed the last midterm. Unsurprisingly, most people won't admit it. Young people are the worst when it comes to pretending that they've voted.

    So how can we get people into the voting booth this November? It turns out that reminding your friends to vote is surprisingly effective.

    The bottom line is that people trust their friends. If your longtime pal tells you something about a candidate, you're much more likely to trust their opinion than a TV ad. In fact, during the 2018 primaries, friends that got a single text via Outvote became 10% more likely to vote.

    The Outvote app shows you which of your contacts have missed a recent election by matching them to publicly available voting data provided by the state they live in. It then makes it easy to send reminders to everyone that needs them.

    The app will even tell you which of your friends live in the critical swing districts that are needed to take back the House this November.

    The average person has about 500 contacts. You could easily have 50 votes sitting in your pocket that aren't going to show up unless you text them.

    MoveOn, Swing Left, Flippable and Democratic State Parties across the country are all using Outvote to get Democrats and progressives to the polls this year.

    Candidates spend millions of dollars making attack ads and promo reels in an attempt to win you over, but when it comes to actually getting people to vote the effects are small and short-lived. What reliably gets folks to the polls is conversations between real people, especially between people who already know each other. It's not that crazy when you think about it.

    If you searched through the voter rolls during the last election and sent reminders to all of your friends, you're a national treasure.

    If you didn't, download the Outvote app and get your friends to the polls.

  • Win a free copy of David Graeber's 'Bullshit Jobs'

    Boing Boing is proudly sponsored by David Graeber's Bullshit Jobs!

    Enter for a chance to win a copy of Bullshit Jobs.

    Is your job bullshit?

    David Graeber, author of Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, analyzes the rise of the menial, hapless, unfulfilling jobs and their consequences.

    There are millions of people—HR consultants, communication coordinators, telemarketing researchers, corporate lawyers—whose jobs are useless, and, tragically, they know it. These people are caught in bullshit jobs. Graeber explores one of society's most vexing and deeply felt concerns, indicting among other villains a particular strain of finance capitalism that betrays ideals shared by thinkers ranging from Keynes to Lincoln. Bullshit Jobs gives individuals, corporations, and societies permission to undergo a shift in values, placing creative and caring work at the center of our culture. This book is for everyone who wants to turn their vocation back into an avocation.

    Enter here to win a free copy of David Graeber's Bullshit Jobs!

  • Playboy lawsuit over

    In January, we let you know that Playboy had sued us. On Valentine's Day, a court tossed their ridiculous complaint out, skeptical that Playboy could even amend it. Playboy didn't bother to try.

    We are grateful this is over. We are grateful for the wonderful work of the EFF, Durie Tangri, and Blurry Edge, our brilliant attorneys who stood up to Playboy's misguided and imaginary claims. We are glad the court quickly saw right through them.

    Playboy damaged our business. This lawsuit cost our small team of journalists, artists and creators time and money that would otherwise have been focused on Boing Boing's continued mission to share wonderful things.

    We are glad the legal system has reaffirmed that linking is legal.

    Here is a unicorn:

    (Unicorn courtesy of Trolli)

  • Playboy is suing Boing Boing – but linking is not copyright infringement

    A few weeks ago we were shocked to learn that Playboy had, without notifying us, sued us over this post (we learned about it when a journalist DM'ed us on Twitter to ask about it). Today, we filed a motion to dismiss, asking the judge to throw out this baseless, bizarre case. We really hope the courts see it our way, for all our sakes.

    Playboy's lawsuit is based on an imaginary (and dangerous) version of US copyright law that bears no connection to any US statute or precedent. Playboy — once legendary champions for the First Amendment — now advances a fringe copyright theory: that it is illegal to link to things other people have posted on the web, on pain of millions in damages — the kinds of sums that would put us (and every other small publisher in America) out of business.

    Rather than pursuing the individual who created the allegedly infringing archive, Playboy is pursuing a news site for pointing out the archive's value as a historical document. In so doing, Playboy is seeking to change the legal system so that deep-pocketed opponents of journalism can shut down media organizations that displease them. It's a law that they could never get from Congress, but which they hope the courts will conjure into existence by wiping us off the net.

    It's not just independent publishers who rely on the current state of copyright law, either. Major media outlets (like Playboy!) routinely link and embed media, without having to pay a lawyer to research the copyright status of something someone else posted, before discussing, explaining or criticizing it.

    The world can't afford a judgment against us in this case — it would end the web as we know it, threatening everyone who publishes online, from us five weirdos in our basements to multimillion-dollar, globe-spanning publishing empires like Playboy.

    As a group of people who have had long associations with Playboy, reading the articles (really!) and sometimes writing them, we hope the judge sees it our way — for our sakes… and for Playboy's.

    You can read our motion here, and EFF's press release here. We'll have more to say after the judge issues his ruling.

    Here's the introduction from our motion to dismiss:

    This lawsuit is frankly mystifying. Playboy's theory of liability seems to be that it is illegal to link to material posted by others on the web — an act performed daily by hundreds of millions of users of Facebook and Twitter, and by journalists like the ones in Playboy's crosshairs here.

    Defendant Happy Mutants, LLC ("Happy Mutants") is the corporation behind Boing Boing, a blog created and written by five people to share "mostly wonderful things." For three decades, Boing Boing has reported on social, educational, political, scientific, and artistic developments in popular culture, becoming one of the Internet's leading sources of news and commentary. Plaintiff Playboy Entertainment Group Inc. ("Playboy"), an entertainment behemoth with a notable history of defending freedom of the press, is suing this much smaller but important news site for reporting on the existence of a collection of Playboy centerfolds and linking to that collection. In other words, rather than pursuing the individual who created the allegedly infringing archive, Playboy is pursuing a news site for pointing out the archive's value as a historical document.

    The facts pleaded in Playboy's First Amended Complaint ("FAC") do not state a claim for either direct or contributory copyright infringement. With respect to direct infringement, Playboy alleges that third parties — not Boing Boing — posted the collection at issue, and that Boing Boing made reference to that collection with a hyperlink. As for secondary liability, Playboy does not allege facts that could show that Boing Boing induced or materially contributed to direct infringement by any third party. Playboy's claim fails for these reasons alone.

    What is more, Playboy's own allegations show that further amendment would be futile. Boing Boing's post is a noninfringing fair use, made for the favored and transformative purposes of news reporting, criticism, and commentary so that the reader can, in the words of the post in question, "see how our standards of hotness, and the art of commercial erotic photography, have changed over time."

    The Court should dismiss Playboy's First Amended Complaint with prejudice.

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