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Daily Show on Richard Clarke

Here's Lisa Rein's video-capture of The Daily's Show on Richard Clarke's damning testimony about the Bush administration's terrorism snark-hunt.

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Daily Show on Haiti

Lisa Rein has posted a fine Daily Show take on the ongoing conflict in Haiti and the US goverment's spin thereupon.

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Daily Show on Bush's Meet the Press

Lisa Rein has posted the Daily Show take on Bush's Meet the Press appearance. AHAHAHAHA.

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Sims + Sex on CNN and the Daily Show

Two pieces of TV news coverage about the vrtual scandal involving digital sex in the Sims Online -- and related discussions aired The Alphaville Herald that led to the Herald's Peter Ludlow being yanked from the game. Ludlow writes:

CNN has produced a story on the joys of cyberbrothels in alphaville. I have no idea if it has aired on the network. It seems that the reporter (Bruce Burkhardt) got his virtual ashes hauled in the Jiggolo [sic] Escorts cyber brothel, which offers a good hour of cybering for the low low price of 17 K simoleans. I guess my complaint would be that the story makes it sould like all the Romance category houses are sex oriented.

Meanwhile, everyone who is angry at me for the CNN story can look forward to my ritual humiliation by The Daily Show on Comedy Central tonight! My students are especially looking forward to this one, as will all haters of Urizenus -- The producer promised that they would indeed make me look like a total ass. I'm not sure what will make it into the story, but there is a bit where Rob Cordry (sp?) insists that I shoot Polie Bear. There are also some obligatory remarks about fisting parties (how else are they going to stay on basic cable?).

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Daily Show on Howard "Angry" Dean

Screamingly funny Daily Show clip about Howard Dean's reputation for being "angry."


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Daily Show on Briana Lahara's RIAA settlement

Lisa Rein has posted an amazing clip from the Daily Show, discussing the plea-bargain given to Briana Lahara, the 12-year-old honor student from a New York housing project, who paid the RIAA $2,000 in exchange for having downloading 1,000 songs, including "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" and a number of TV theme-songs.

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Al Franken on The Daily Show

Lisa Rein has uploaded captured video from Al "Fair and Balanced" Franken's appearance on The Daily Show.

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Daily Show on "Fair and Balanced"

Lisa Rein has posted a capture of the Daily Show's segment on Al Franken and Fox's fight over "Fair and Balanced."

Best line: "If anyone knows about blurring and tarnishing 'Fair and Balanced,' it's Fox News."

Second best line: "We all know that corporations must be protected from individuals."

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Dave Nelson(s) versus the TSA

The Daily Show recently aired a fantastic segment about the nation's many Dave Nelsons, who find themselves systematically harassed every time they board an aircraft because some computer, somwhere, has identified Dave (or possibly D. or David) Nelson as an alias that was used, or might be used, by some terrorist, somewhere. The segment is laugh-out-loud funny and awfully disturbing.

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The Daily Show kicks azz

Good appreciation of Jon Stewart's Daily Show on Salon, contrasting it to the lameness of Politically Incorrect.

It helps (comedy, at least) to have plutocratic religious fanatics with imperialist ambitions occupying the White House, and "The Daily Show" has been at the forefront in finding a new way to make political humor in the age of Dubya. Some of that feels tentative: Stewart is still honing his persona. He's an everyman with the intelligence to spot a crock, the humility to ask questions and a nifty way of keeping his mouth shut to let the absurdity of the naked facts sink in. He does, however, occasionally smirk, though he seems to be morphing that mannerism into a daffy eye-rolling gesture reminiscent of Jack Benny.



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Jon Stewart on Homeland Security clips

Jon Stewart's Daily Show clip about Homeland Security, entitled "The Re-Freakening of America," is fantastic -- download it from Lisa Rein's blog.


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Thurmond's stump-speech video-clip

So, how inexcusable is it for Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott to have avowed his support for Strom Thurmond's last presedential bid? Here's a movie made up from clips from the Daily Show with an excerpt of one of Thurmond's stump-speeches:

"What I want to tell you...Ladies and Gentlemen...That there's not enough troops in the Army...to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theatres, into our swimming pools, into our homes and into our churches."

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Daily Show on Kissinger QuickTime

In case you missed it, here is Jon Stewart and friends on the Daily Show running down Henry Kissinger's unique qualifications to investigate the September 11th attack. I can't find a transcript at the moment, but the gist of the remarks are this: who better to investigate war crimes than a war criminal? Who better to investigate intelligence failures than someone who hid a campaign of secret bombings? And so on. Funny, sad, scary.

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Jon Stewart, host of the

Jon Stewart, host of the hilarious "Daily Show," gave an amazing address last week, in which he managed to greive and laugh simultaneously. Wonderful stuff. Here's a RealVideo stream of the event. Link Discuss (Thanks, Dan!) Read the rest

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