Sourpuss walks into a pole

This gentleman was so busy taking umbrage at a motorist's driving style that he failed to pay attention to the approaching pole. Read the rest

Angry voice mail from Boing Boing reader

[While I'm away for a week, I'm posting classic Boing Boing entries from the archives. Here's a gem from 2006.]

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I forgot all about this funny, profanity-infested voice mail that a gentleman left for me a few months back. He was upset that I linked to a how-to piece written by Deke McClelland about scanning currency in Photoshop, which has certain features that prevent you from scanning and printing US currency.

I recently completed an illustration for MAKE Vol 7 that required an image of a dollar bill (shown here; click here for enlargement). Ironically, the purpose of the illustration was to show people how to detect counterfeit money, not how to make counterfeit money. I wonder if this will assuage the concerns expressed by the caller?

I had no problem using Photoshop to scan the dollar bill and paste it into Adobe Illustrator, but I'm glad Deke figured out a workaround to help other illustrators who use currency in their art and photography.

Here, for your enjoyment, is the voice mail. The gentleman's language is colorful, so be careful listening to it at work: Read the rest

Woman has a meltdown over kebabs

"My kids don't eat green things," says the angry mom who ordered red peppers on her takeaway kebabs. She lectures the restaurant workers about using English, then leaves in a huff, running smack into the door. Read the rest