How domesticated tarantulas are dealing with COVID-19

From NPR, always digging into the difficult issues: The coronavirus lockdown has raised a conundrum for scientists around the globe: What to do with creatures they study now that research projects have come to a halt. […] So when the university gave the go ahead to bring home animals that were not at risk of […]

Mating season for Bay Area tarantulas just got longer

Extra-horny spiders is yet-another unexpected consequence of climate change. The warmer-than-usual weather has prolonged the male tarantula's annual mass booty crawl—and, by extension, their lives. The typical mating season for male tarantulas in the Bay Area runs from August to early October. They reach that tender age of 4-7 years old, molt their hairy husks […]

Motion activated mailbox light

Last week I found a black widow in my mailbox. Luckily, it was during the day so I spotted it right away. But we often pick up the mail at night. I told Carla about the spider and now she is nervous about getting the mail. I just ordered this motion-activated mailbox light on Amazon […]