A very useful illuminated hand held magnifier for $3

This $3 handheld magnifying glass has two bright LEDs and is powered by 3 AAA cells (not included). The manufacturer says the magnification is 40X. I think it is less than that, but it is still plenty powerful for my needs - mainly, reading the markings on tiny electrical components and checking the layer fusion on 3D printed parts. I have a few different magnifiers, and this one has quickly become my favorite.

It's not like a regular magnifying glass. It's more like a jeweler's loupe. To use it, you hold it up to your eye and move close to the thing you want to look at.

It even comes with a fake leather pouch.

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This clip-on desk lamp is good for makers and crafters

This LED clip-on light plugs into a supplied USB charger. It has an adjustable arm and has variable color and brightness settings. It looks great for illuminating your workbench. It's on sale on Amazon today for $16. Amazon reviewers give it 4.5 stars and it has an A rating on Fakespot. Read the rest

Nifty illuminated magnifier

This handheld illuminated magnifier is a flash deal on Amazon right now. It's $(removed) It's about the size of a credit card and the battery is included. Read the rest

Remote-control dimmable multicolor LED lightbulb

I bought this $11 remote-control dimmable multicolor LED lightbulb for my daughter in January 2015 and she still loves it. It hangs from a cord over her bed, and she changes the color frequently, using the included wireless remote. It's not super bright, but she likes it that way. Here's one that's brighter and only $10 but I have not tried it. Read the rest

Battery powered LED light bulbs

Amazon has a Gold Box sale right now for these battery powered LED light bulbs. You get two for $8. They take 3 AA batteries and have two brightness settings. Read the rest

Illuminated magnifier for $2.51 (including shipping)

For the last few months I've been learning kanji at Wanikani (my wife is an editor at the sister site, Tofugu). Today, I found a few Japanese coins in a drawer, and I wanted to see if I could read the kanji characters on them, but they were too small for my ever-worsening eyesight. I pulled out my trusty illuminated magnifier that I bought on Amazon for $2.51 (including shipping) and used it to easily see the characters. It uses 2 AAA (I don't remember if they were included). Read the rest

LED headlamp

I bought this LED headlamp in 2015, and I use it at least twice a week. You can adjust the brightness, and has an option to turn it off and on by swiping it with your hand. It's great for barbecuing at night, repairing stuff, and walking in the dark. If you have never used one, you don't know what you're missing. It includes 3 AAA batteries. Read the rest

People being stabbed in medieval art and lovin' it

Medieval manuscripts were the imageboards of their day, full of murderous rabbits and lewd butts, a new (to me) subgenre is "people who don't seem to mind that they've just been stabbed" -- perhaps the origin of the Black Knight? Read the rest

Motion activated mailbox light

Last week I found a black widow in my mailbox. Luckily, it was during the day so I spotted it right away. But we often pick up the mail at night. I told Carla about the spider and now she is nervous about getting the mail. I just ordered this motion-activated mailbox light on Amazon for $(removed) I hope it does the trick.

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