The TSA strip searched a grandmother on Mother's Day and now says that she's overreacting because it's no different from a locker room

Last Mother's Day, grandmother Rhonda Mengert was subjected to a pat-down search at Tulsa airport, wherein a TSA agent felt a panty-liner in her underwear; she was then forced to strip down and show her panty-liner to a female TSA agent. Naturally, she filed suit against the TSA. Read the rest

Fox Business News host Kennedy doesn't think trucks are controlled

Every right wing tweeter, pundit, talking head, and radio blowhard has been given orders to remind their audiences that cars are as deadly as guns. And it's true. But they're leaving out the part about cars being much more tightly regulated than guns:

Not to mention the fact that cars and guns aren't the same, as pointed out by @everygamer:

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