New camera shoots at 5 trillion frames per second

Reserachers at Lund Univeristy in Sweden have developed a camera that captures images at a rate equivalent to 5 trillion frames per second, quintupling the previous high mark. Read the rest

DOOM 2016 to launch Friday, May 13th

1993's epic hero, Doomguy, is back! The next installment of DOOM, the video game that defined our vibrant, gib filled world of FPS play is set to launch on May 13th. Naturally, this is a Friday.

I'm dusting off my BFG 9000 and prepping for Cacodemons.

Preorder Doom 2016, via Amazon Read the rest

Halo 5's cinematic opening

Can the Halo series survive without the Master Chief and Cortana? Halo 5 introduces Fireteam Osiris, a new team of Spartan-IV heroes, but will we care? Read the rest