Meow Wolf's new Fridge Portal Backpack is fantastic

If you've experienced Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, no doubt you opened its refrigerator and stepped through its "vortex" to another dimension. Now, Santa Fe artist Claire Sanders has fashioned this really cool (pun intended) Fridge Portal Backpack in its likeness. Open its door and a sparkly spiral vortex is revealed, along with handpainted "otherworldly Omega Mart foods and drinks." These bags are pricey ($150), yes, but they're also handmade and completely awesome. She even included a magnet feature inside the backpack's door so you can attach your magnets to it, just like a real fridge.

Here, take a closer look:

If you want one, don't wait. These are super-limited-edition pieces and are sure to sell out quickly.

images via Claire Sanders and Meow Wolf

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Meow Wolf is opening a second 'world' in Denver

The year is early but here's the best news I've seen so far in 2018. Meow Wolf is opening an enormous new "world."

The Santa Fe-based arts collective has been searching for a new city for their second permanent installation and has announced their decision to land next in Denver, Colorado. Their first installation, House of Eternal Return, is a trippy 20,000 sq. ft. immersive space built within a gutted bowling alley. Backed by George RR Martin, over 150 artists created this first "world" which follows a clever and detailed narrative. (I spent two consecutive days there in early October and am already planning a return trip... it was that good.)

Denver's alt-weekly paper Westword reports:

[They] will announce where they'll build Meow Wolf's first permanent exhibition in a major market. And it's a major project, too: a $50 million, four-story (plus mezzanine), 90,000-square-foot building that will hold 60,000 square feet of exhibitions, three times the size of Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, along with a restaurant, bar and retail and support spaces.

For the past year, Meow Wolf has explored various spots around Denver — the Sports Castle, the old Denver Post plant off I-70. And the winner? A spot right in the gritty heart of Denver, a triangular space created by the Auraria Parkway and the viaducts of Colfax Avenue and Interstate 25, just across the river from Sports Authority Field and close to the Pepsi Center and Elitch Gardens...which is significant, because Meow Wolf's Denver development partner is Revesco Properties, a real estate and management company that's an owner and managing partner in Elitch Gardens.

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