Man uses a lucky coin to win $4-million from scratch ticket -- not once, but twice

In 2017, 50-year-old Mark Clark from Michigan scratched an instant lottery ticket with a special coin his father had given him and won $4,000,000. Using the same coin this week, he won another $4,000,000!

“You don’t think you’ll win millions once, and you definitely never think it would happen twice,” he said to the Michigan Lottery. “It’s hard to put into words exactly what I am feeling. ...I can’t help but think maybe that lucky coin helped me win this.”

Where can I get me one of them coins?

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Woman buys 30 lottery tickets with the same numbers after seeing them "a couple of times during the day" and wins $150,000

A woman in Virginia saw the same group of four numbers, 1-0-3-1, "a couple of times during the day" and decided it was a sign. She went with her gut, bought 20 lottery tickets choosing those same numbers, and then, feeling really good about it, bought another 10 tickets. Using her instincts paid off big.

According to AP, Deborah Brown, who "nearly had a heart attack" after winning, won $5,000 for each ticket, giving her a grand total of $150,000.

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