Laptop killing booby-trapped USB drive

The USB Killer is a booby-trapped, hand-made USB drive that will "burn down" your laptop if you insert it into your USB slot. Read the rest

Own a prop Maltese Falcon from the 1941 movie

Zack writes, "Here's your chance to own the stuff that dreams are made of when one of two known lead statuettes from 1941's THE MALTESE FALCON go on the auction block from Bonhams in New York on Nov.25. The 45-lbs. statuette has been confirmed by a Warners archivist and comes with documentation to this effect, though it likely does not contain gold and jewels beneath its exterior. Additional movie memorabilia in this auction series includes Jack Nicholson's Joker outfit from 1989's BATMAN and Michael Keaton's Batsuit from BATMAN RETURNS. It is unknown if the other statuette will turn up, say, a year from now, but if you fail to win this auction and you've been trying to win this bird for, say, 15 years, getting the other will only require an additional expenditure of time of five and fifteen-seventeenths percent. Or you could just buy a cheaper replica off of eBay. They add character to your fireplace mantle. Read the rest