How to memorize an entire chapter of Moby Dick

Josh Foer is the author of Moonwalking With Einstein, a book that recounts how he practiced different memory techniques to win the United States Memory Championship.

In this video, Josh shows how he learned to memorize an entire chapter of Moby Dick. He used a mnemonic technique called the memory palace. It took Josh four days to memorize the chapter, and he spent 3-4 hours practicing each day.

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Improve your handwriting with this simple daily practice

Despite taking pages of handwritten notes each day, my handwriting is hot garbage. After deciding that I wanted to improve the look of my penmanship, I set out to find a few ways to do it that wouldn't eat up a lot of my day. This video, featuring Nan Jay Barchowsky, is one of my favorites. Her suggestion to practice the up down motion we use to create most of the letters in our alphabet might seem kind of goofy at first, but it totally works. After a few days of practice, my writing is showing signs of improvement. Read the rest

What's your ikigai, your reason to get up in the morning?

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Howto: sustain long-haul creativity

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