New trailer for Stranger Things 4... Guess who didn't die.

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Stranger Things spin-off: Hopper, P.I.

Title sequence for "Hopper, P.I." by Eddie Spuhghetti.

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Here's the final creeptastic trailer for Stranger Things 3

"What if he never left? What if we locked him out here with us?"

July 4.

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Stranger Things 3 trailer improved with cheery old-timey music

The Stranger Things 3 trailer with a delightful original score by Michael Hearst of "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" fame.

"Survive, pack up your synths! Hearst, crank up the calliope!"

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Watch the new Stranger Things 3 trailer

They had me at the opening reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Read the rest

Stranger Things teaser: Hawkins gets a new mall!

I hope Dustin gets a job at Spencer Gifts.

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Stranger Things theme on a harp and cello

Multi-instrumentalist Trench worked up this lovely cover of the Stranger Things theme for harp and cello... while his dog naps.

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Watching synchronized swimmers upside down is very trippy

In the Olympics, there should be a medal for how impressive a synchronized swimming routine looks upside down and underwater.

(via @ziyatong, thanks UPSO!)

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Stranger Things: watch the teaser for the next season

Who you gonna call?

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Watch Lego Stranger Things

More fun than the Lego Batman Movie?

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